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Update Your Image: Sign Repair, Replacement, And Retrofits In Baltimore, MD

Dec 19,2022

Update Your Image: Sign Repair, Replacement, And Retrofits In Baltimore, MD

When is a sign worth servicing? Sign repairs and retrofits can save Baltimore business owners thousands of dollars in capital and operating expenses, but sometimes it’s better to start fresh.

Read on for a brief overview of when to invest in sign repair, replacement, and retrofitting, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a sign repair specialist in Baltimore, MD.

When To Invest In Sign Repair In Baltimore, MD

Sign repair is an investment that pays dividends for Baltimore businesses, allowing owners to refresh their on-premise sign systems for better brand impressions, visibility, and wayfinding outcomes, without having to pay for a full replacement.

Sign repair is recommended when:

  • Your sign is relatively new
  • Your sign requires minor updates (e.g. new business hours, website URLs, updates to your brand name or logo)
  • Your sign has moderate wear, damage, or component failures (e.g. burnt out light bulbs, fading colors, graffiti, minor scratches or tears in vinyl)
  • You are working with a limited budget
  • Your sign is iconic, vintage, or uniquely tied to your brand image
  • The underlying sign structure is still in good shape

If your signs are in need of repair, get in touch with the team at Baltimore Signs & Graphics. We work with all sign types, from small graphics to supersized building signage, and we always guarantee:

  • Full support with your sign repair, including site surveys, design, part sourcing, permitting, installation, and anything else you need to update your image.
  • Flawless color matching, thanks to the power of our sophisticated i1 Spectrophotometer & Profiling Software. For example, check out this seamless color match and vehicle wrap repair we completed for ServPro last year:

Update Your Image: Sign Repair, Replacement, and Retrofits in Baltimore, MD

Can you spot the repair? Contact our team for perfect color matches like this.

  • Economical sign repairs, thanks to our service efficiencies, fair pricing, and eye for money-saving opportunities.

    For example, check out this recent sign repair project we completed for the crew at Pizza Boli in Essex, MD. They came to us with a badly damaged pylon sign and a limited budget. After a quick site survey, we determined that the structure was strong enough to be reused, so we converted the top two sections into an LED illuminated cabinet sign and covered the damaged lower half with a black ACM. The client ended up with a huge illuminated billboard for a fraction of the cost they’d have paid to build it from scratch.

Update Your Image: Sign Repair, Replacement, and Retrofits in Baltimore, MD

Pizza Boli saved a fortune with sign repair, and you can too!

When To Consider Sign Retrofitting

Retrofitting is a fantastic option for business owners looking to modernize their sign technology and save money. By swapping out old components for new technology (e.g. switching incandescent, fluorescent, or neon lighting for LED bulbs), you not only update your image and increase visibility—you save big on overhead and maintenance costs, too!

For example, compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs last more than 15-times longer, and they cost a fraction of the price to run.

Unlike with sign repairs and replacements, many retrofits are requested while the sign is still in good condition, although you can request sign repairs and retrofittings simultaneously. This service is most often requested for illuminated or electronic signs that are no longer current, but not all retrofits are so high-tech. Some owners also choose to refresh their signage with new materials, graphics, or add-ons.

To discuss your options, get in touch with one of our sign specialists.

When To Consider A Sign Replacement Over A Sign Repair

Although most forms of sign wear, damage, and component failures can be repaired, there are some cases where a full-on replacement may be the better choice.

You might consider a replacement over a sign repair if:

  • Your sign has irreparable damage
  • Your sign is ineffective (e.g. too small or poorly designed)
  • Your sign no longer represents your brand (e.g. after a merger or rebranding)
  • Your sign has serious structural damage
  • Your sign no longer meets local regulations

Get A Free Quote On Sign Repair, Replacement, And Retrofitting In Baltimore, MD

Call (410)-877-6011 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation and find out how much it would cost to update your image.

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