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Color Matching

Color Matching

The Complicated Process of Color Matching

There is a reason as to why we provide you with a Color Matching service here at Baltimore Sign and Graphics, as it takes a very experienced company to handle this process with precision. The color that is displayed on our computer monitors and printer output is professionally calibrated ensuring a per-fect match with your desired outcome.

Baltimore Signs and Graphics focuses on Quality & Consistency of color on printed output. We use the best design equipment, software & printer all calibrated using i1 Spectrophotometer & Profiling Software. Our printer is a state of the art HP 365 Latex printer.

You’ll be able to ensure that your colors are consistent and perfect, regardless of the platform being used – if you don’t go through this process, you could be putting out poorly optimized advertisements and signs. We use predictable accurate color, neutral color accuracy, larger gamut and consistent col-or matching when repeating graphics. If there’s one thing that you want to keep as consistent as possi-ble, it’s the optimization of the colors driving your brand!

What Makes You the Best Company in Baltimore?

We preach quality over everything else, as we always like to focus on the need of our clients. If your project ends up becoming a success, it’s going to translate well for both parties; that’s why we put so much effort into everything. We’re in this thing together, in a sense! When you require a color matching service within Baltimore and Greater Baltimore (Perry Hall, White Marsh, Middle River, and even Rosedale!), the only name you need to remember is Baltimore Sign & Graphics

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