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Beginner’s Guide To Pylon Sign Face Replacements In Baltimore, MD

Jul 20,2020

Beginner’s Guide To Pylon Sign Face Replacements In Baltimore, MD

Considering a facelift for your pylon sign? Today’s post explains when and why you need a pylon sign face replacement, and how to get a free quote from our pylon sign experts in Baltimore, MD.

Read on for full details or call 410-877-6011 to speak directly with a pylon sign replacement expert in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pylon Sign Upkeep Is Essential For Your Brand Image

Pylon signs provide tremendous visibility, capable of generating thousands of impressions each day. But depending on the state of your pylon sign face, that business blessing might turn out to be more of a curse…

Research by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding states that one of the primary functions of pylon signs, and of business signs in general, is to provide “inferential cues and basis for thin-slice judgements about the brands they represent” (Kellaris & Machleit, 2016, p. 1). The term “thin-slice” refers to the tiny window of time or sliver of information on which the judgment is based.

So what happens when dated, faded, or broken pylon signs form the basis of that thin-slice judgement? Nothing good. Multiple studies say so:

  • A seminal BrandSpark survey found that 41.5% of consumers made quality assumptions about brands based on the quality and clarity of business signs.
  • A 2010 survey of business students found that nearly 80% (4 out of 5) agreed with the statement, “I can often infer the quality of a business from its signage” (Kellaris & Machleit, 2016, p. 2).
  • Joint studies by the United States Small Business Administration and Signage Foundation concluded that “a sign is to a business what a handshake is to a sales call—i.e. A first impression and instant disclosure of personality.”

So what’s the bottom-line takeaway? Pylon sign upkeep is essential for building brand authority, and it’s the key to making quality first impressions.

7 Signs Your Pylon Sign Needs A Facelift

  • Visible damage to your pylon signs—fading, yellowing, flaking, cracking, rusting, or any other unsightly signs of neglect
  • You’ve never updated your pylon sign or logo
  • You’re in the process of updating your brand image
  • Pylon sign maintenance and repair costs are increasing
  • Your pylon sign looks complicated—modern logo design trends favor simplicity and elegance, so cluttered designs instantly date your brand
  • You installed your first pylon sign on a shoestring budget—and now it’s time to upgrade
  • Your pylon sign isn’t attracting enough attention or generating sales

Premium Pylon Sign Face Replacement Services In Baltimore, MD

Whether you need to update your logos and graphics, replace a timeworn sign face, or upgrade the entire pylon sign structure, Baltimore Signs & Graphics is up to the task.

We specialize in the removal of old pylon sign faces and the installation of new digitally printed and laminated acrylic panels. Order your new pylon sign face in any custom shape or color, with any corner style or hole placement. Our color-matching specialists ensure seamless continuity between brand materials, while our in-house creative team can bring any logo or graphic-design vision to life.

Free Quote On Pylon Sign Face Replacements In Baltimore, MD

Call 410-877-6011 or visit the Baltimore Signs & Graphics website to get a free quote on your pylon sign face replacement today.


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