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Order Floor Graphics: Put ‘Space-Saving’ Signs To Work In Baltimore, MD

Dec 01,2022

Order Floor Graphics: Put ‘Space-Saving’ Signs To Work In Baltimore, MD

Today’s post reviews research on the benefits of space-saving floor graphics for in-store wayfinding, advertising, and branding, then explains why so many Baltimore businesses choose our team when it’s time to place their orders.

Read on to learn more, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with our floor graphics experts.

Put Space-Saving Signs To Work: Benefits Of Custom Floor Graphics

In one study, titled “Impacts of Store Crowding on Shopping Behavior and Store Image,” researchers Lee at al. (2011) found that spatial crowding is bad for business, which can take some indoor sign products off the table for business owners operating out of small retail spaces.

Busy aisle displays, intrusive signage, and low ceiling heights were negatively correlated with a wide range of buyer behaviors, including time spent in the store, impulse buying, and aisle table buying.

But all businesses need indoor signs to direct customers, promote products, and share important information. So how can you create impactful sign systems without the clutter?

Floor graphics are the answer, giving you the ability to transform empty floor space into immersive in-store billboards that can enforce COVID-19 safety protocols, promote products and services, and create branded space, without eating up a single square foot of your floor space.

Order Floor Graphics: Put ‘Space-Saving’ Signs to Work in Baltimore, MD

Equally effective in semi-permanent and temporary applications, they’re a mainstay in the advertising arsenals of trade show exhibitors and business owners operating out of small retail spaces, and they really work. In fact, according to one study by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, nearly two-thirds (64%) of shoppers stopped to consider products when floor graphics were present.

Unlike ceiling-mounted hanging signs, the other space-saving option, floor graphics are easy to install, suitable for temporary displays (e.g. trade shows), and require no working-at-heights to mount or maintain. And they’re much more affordable, too!

But that’s not all. Floor graphics have two more unique benefits over other sign types: novel display contexts and low visual competition.

First, let’s discuss the benefits of floor graphics’ novel placement. In short, people typically don’t expect to find signage underfoot; signage is usually placed at eye level or higher. As a result, when most people encounter floor graphics, they pay them a little extra attention—this is the power of novel display contexts, and it’s the same reason why vehicle wraps and graphics perform so strongly out on the road.

Second, since most signage is installed around eye level, floor graphics typically enjoy relatively low amounts of visual clutter and competition, which makes them more engaging to in-store audiences.

If you want to reap these benefits for your business or trade show booth, Baltimore Signs & Graphics can help!

Order Custom Floor Graphics In Baltimore, MD: Go Pro With B.S.G

You can’t go wrong with quality floor graphics, but in order to reap the benefits of “space-saving” signs, you need to find the right shop. True floor graphic professionals will offer:

  • High-quality floor graphic print capabilities, with the ability to reproduce any image or artwork in vivid colors and high resolution
  • Limitless customization, with the ability to print any images and produce floor graphics in any size, shape, color, or cut
  • Premium floor graphic products made from high-quality vinyl with strong adhesive backings, capable of lasting 6-12 months or more
  • Multiple finishes and laminates to simplify cleaning and protect from graffiti, wear-and-tear, and UV damage
  • Floor graphic installation services to eliminate the risks of wrinkles, air pockets, or early lifting
  • Floor graphic removal services to protect your flooring from any residual adhesives or damage
  • Sign code expertise to keep your floor graphics compliant with local sign codes

We built our floor graphics shop with these qualities in mind, and we invested in the best floor graphics manufacturing equipment on the market, including the HP Latex 365, AKA the Cadillac of Printers, which offers:

  • Sharp, consistent, and repeatable image quality at 1200 dpi resolution
  • High-speed printing at 334 ft²/hr, which can complete your floor graphics in seconds
  • Speedy turnaround, with all floor graphics coming out completely dry and ready to finish
  • Perfect color matches, thanks to the i1 embedded spectrophotometer technology
  • Superior eco-friendliness so you can meet your brand’s sustainability goals

To learn more about our process, access our expansive floor graphics catalog, and get a free quote or product recommendation from our team, call (410)-877-6011 or fill out our online contact form.


Lee, S. Y., Kim, J. O., & Li, J. G. (2011). Impacts of store crowding on shopping behavior and store image. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 10(1), 133-140.

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