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Create Custom Business Signs: Join The Post-Pandemic ‘Marketing Renaissance’

Nov 23,2022

Create Custom Business Signs: Join the Post-Pandemic ‘Marketing Renaissance’

Today’s post reviews out-of-home (OOH) advertising research showing why custom business signs are more powerful than ever in the post-pandemic world, then explains how easy it is to order with Baltimore Signs & Graphics.

Read on to learn more, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a custom business sign specialist in Baltimore, MD.

Custom Business Signs Outperform Other Media In The Post-Pandemic World

We live in the Internet Era, but custom business signs still reign supreme in our digital world, consistently outperforming internet ads in the “post-pandemic” period, according to new OOH advertising research published by OneScreenAI.

Therein, researcher Sam Millikarjunan found:

  • Consumers are actively tuning out digital ads—In the immediate post-pandemic period, 52% of survey respondents indicated that they feel digital ad fatigue and are actively reducing digital screen times in an effort to “renew their connection with the outdoors”—where your custom business signs await them!
  • Custom business signs are being noticed more than ever—After prolonged lockdowns indoors, 77% of consumers are now making more of an effort to get outdoors and connect with their physical surroundings, which means more people are noticing out-of-home ads than ever before. Additionally, 70% of respondents are noticing OOH ads on road trips.
  • Custom business signs are driving sales more than digital ads—Approximately 80% of survey respondents made a purchase after seeing an OOH ad, and 86% said they could recall a brand or product name from an OOH ad they saw within the past 6 months.
  • Customers prefer custom business signs over digital ads—The majority of survey respondents rated custom business signs more favorably than digital ads, which they see as more intrusive and also more threatening due to major data privacy and security concerns.

“This survey reveals how being back in person is igniting a post-pandemic marketing renaissance that is bringing advertisers and audiences together to renew real, meaningful connections on the largest screen of all—the real world,” says Mallikarjunan.

Some additional advantages of custom business signs not mentioned in this study include:

  • Superior cost-effectiveness—Custom business signs can generate thousands of passive daily impressions, and many sign products last more than a decade, whereas digital ads require that you constantly “feed the meter.”
  • Greater influence on impulse buys—Digital ads allow us to buy products with the click of a mouse, but their convenience is something of a double-edged sword when it comes to sales urgency and impulse buying. After all, when you know products are only a few clicks away, it’s much easier to put off your purchase for another time, since you know it’s waiting for you whenever you’re ready, wherever you are. But encountering custom business signs in-person frames the purchase decision differently, forcing the customer to decide whether they want to buy now or make a whole separate trip out some other time. This sense of “now or never” creates sales urgency and makes custom business signs more conducive to impulse buys.
  • Custom business signs provide additional wayfinding value—If you had to choose between a promotional sign or a digital ad, custom business signs always give you greater bang for your buck, since they also serve as wayfinding cues to help people find your business—something as many as 40% of your customers may be struggling to do, according to the American Shopper Study.

Drive Sales In The Post-Pandemic World: Order Custom Business Signs In Baltimore, MD

If you’re looking to leverage the power of custom business signs, Baltimore Signs & Graphics is here to help!

We carry all of the most popular custom business sign options, including:

Whatever you choose, our customer-centric approach keeps you in control every step of the way and guarantees a great experience, with no experience required!

We begin every order with a free consultation, during which we’ll get to know about your unique marketing goals, target audience, brand character, and budget.

Once we’ve got a sense for the project, we can create a shortlist of recommended sign products, or dive right into the design phase if you’ve already got something particular in mind. Whether you have artwork in-hand or you need to create something from scratch, our in-house design team makes every collaboration fast, fun, and easy, and we guarantee full compliance with Maryland’s sign ordinances. As soon as you approve the final design proofs, we launch into the manufacturing stage, and as soon as your sign is ready, we’ll deliver and install it exactly where you want it.

Our customer-centric process has yielded great results for local businesses and earned us a 5-star Google rating.

To get started on your custom business sign order, you can call (410)-877-6011 or fill out our online contact form.

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