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Trailer Wrap Solutions: Data-Driven Design Tips To Stand Out In Baltimore, MD

Aug 12,2022

By now you probably know that trailer wraps were recently named the “most cost-effective advertising tool on the market,” capable of generating thousands of positive impressions for your business in a single morning commute, and for a fraction of the price of other marketing mediums.

But as more and more trailer wraps appear on local roadways, Baltimore’s “moving signscapes” are becoming more competitive. Nowadays, you need a strong design to stand out, and Baltimore Signs and Graphics is here to help.

To help you get started, today’s post runs down 5 data-driven “conspicuity boosters” you can use to stay ahead of the competition in Baltimore’s moving signscape.

Read on to learn how our full-service shop is helping Baltimore businesses get noticed with quality trailer wrap designs, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a trailer wrap specialist in Baltimore, MD.

Trailer Wrap Design: 5 Quick Tips For Standout Mobile Ads

  • Solid fonts—Generally speaking, solid fonts perform better than outline fonts of the same size. If you like the look of outline fonts, that’s fine, but they will need to be approximately 1.8-times larger than bold fonts to achieve equivalent legibility, according to trailer wrap research by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding (Bullough, 2017).
  • Mixed letter casing—Sign studies show that mixed letter casing is easier to read than all-uppercase letters. If you want to use all-capitals, perhaps to convey a sense of volume, intensity, or excitement, you will need to increase letter height by approximately 15% to achieve equivalent legibility to mixed letter case (Bullough, 2017).
  • No “noise” around the main messaging—Sign studies show that sign effectiveness is moderated by “the density of noise items immediately adjacent to the sign” (Garvey & Kuhn, 2011). In other words, if a sign has to compete with other messages and interesting things in a driver’s cone of vision, it will be less likely to make an impact, and the viewer will have to use more cognitive effort to stay focused on one message in a crowd. External noise, such as flashy cars, traffic signs, and competing trailer wraps, cannot be avoided, but reducing internal noise, such as sign clutter and wordy copy, is in your control. Accordingly, try to keep your sign copy short and use white space to “quiet” the visual cone around your main messaging so that it stands out better.
  • Optimize contrast for your target audience—Contrast is key for trailer wrap conspicuity, but what color combination is best for your trailer wrap? That depends on what time of day you intend to do the majority of your branding. Sign studies show that trailer wraps with bright characters on dark backgrounds have the highest conspicuity in well-lit viewing areas, while trailer wraps with dark characters on bright backgrounds work best in dark or nighttime viewing conditions (Garvey & Kuhn, 2011).
  • Matte laminate to reduce glare—While contrast and bright colors are great for visibility, shiny trailer wrap finishes are not, as the glare from headlights and the sun can wash your message out. Using our matte trailer wrap laminates, you can eliminate this risk, without any loss of vibrancy or eye-catching contrast.

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Trailer Wrap Solutions: Data-Driven Design Tips to Stand Out in Baltimore, MD Trailer Wrap Solutions: Data-Driven Design Tips to Stand Out in Baltimore, MD

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Bullough, J. (2017). Factors affecting sign visibility, conspicuity, and legibility: Review and annotated bibliography. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 1(2), 2-25.

Garvey, P. M., & Kuhn, B. T. (2011). Highway sign visibility. Handbook of transportation engineering, 11-1.

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