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Are Trailer Wraps Right For Me? 5 Reasons To Consider “Billboards On Wheels”

Dec 24,2021

Are Trailer Wraps Right For Me? 5 Reasons To Consider “Billboards On Wheels”

Are trailer wraps right for your business? Only you can say for sure. Read on to learn 5 reasons to consider “billboards on wheels” for business branding, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a trailer wrap specialist in Baltimore, MD.

5 Reasons To Consider Trailer Wraps In Baltimore, MD

1.   Easy access—Baltimore businesses are spoiled for choice

Ordering custom trailer wraps has never been easier, and Baltimore businesses have never had such an incredible selection of different styles, cuts, and vinyl grades at their fingertips.

Baltimore Signs and Graphics is home to the largest indoor, climate-controlled trailer wrap warehouse in the area, and our comprehensive selection is bolstered by the collective sign catalogs of 330+ sign partners around the country. If you don’t find what you want in-house, we’ll order it straight away, and help you perfect your design while you wait for your delivery.

Best of all, booking your free trailer wrap consultation only takes a few clicks.

2.   Cost-effectiveness—Unlock the best cost per mille on the market

According to a Media Asset-Value Comparison conducted by 3M, vehicle wraps and graphics are the #1 most cost-effective marketing tool on the market, with the average user paying only $0.48 per 1000 impressions. That’s about 50-times less than the cost per mille of television commercials, and nearly 7-times less than outdoor signage!

3.   Permitless promotional power—Steer clear of red tape

In Baltimore, you do not need a permit to install a trailer wrap, so you’ll never have to worry about navigating municipal red tape or meeting sign code requirements.

4.   Adjustable advertising—Easily modify marketing materials

Unlike custom paint jobs, trailer wraps are easy to modify. Whether you need to add or remove design elements, change the wording or date in your promotional copy, or rebrand the entire fleet, it’s much faster, easier, and more economical to make these adjustments on a trailer wrap.

5.   Versatile marketing vehicle—Multiple sign functions for the price of one

Trailer wraps are also incredibly versatile, giving you plenty of different advertising functionality. These are just a few of the ways our customers get even more promotional power out of their trailer wraps:

  • Use on-premise trailer wraps to enhance wayfinding. When customers arrive at your place of business, seeing branded vehicles and trailer wraps in the parking lot tells them they’re definitely in the right place. While you probably won’t buy trailer wraps purely for wayfinding and business identification purposes, it’s a nice bonus!
  • Use trailer wraps for targeted outreach—On-premise signs work wonders for local marketing, but they don’t offer much in the way of targeted marketing, particularly when it comes to outreach that extends beyond your immediate locale. If you want to take your marketing message on the road, and pinpoint specific demographics while you’re at it, trailer wraps are a great choice.As long as you plan your routes properly, targeted marketing is easy—drive past the Baltimore senior center to get your ad in front of the 65+ demographic; visit the business district to market your product or services to white collar professionals; or tour through the University of Maryland to engage the student body.
  • Use trailer wraps as traditional billboards—The mobile marketing power of trailer wraps is unparalleled, but they work great as static signs, too! Anywhere you park your trailer becomes branded space, allowing you to set up a “temporary billboard” wherever the road takes you.

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