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Sign Printing Near Me: Take Your Brand Anywhere With The ‘Cadillac Of Printers’

Sep 09,2022

If you want the best sign printing results, you need to find the best sign printer. And that’s why so many Baltimore businesses choose us for their print marketing needs.

Read on to learn how to take your brand anywhere with the Cadillac of printers, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a member of our team.

Perfect Sign Printing Near Me: Drive Sales With The Cadillac Of Printers

To guarantee great results on every project, we chose to invest in the best, also known as the Cadillac of Printers: the HP 365 Latex Printer.

The HP 365 Latex Printer offers:

  • Sharp, consistent and repeatable image quality, with stunning 1200 dpi resolution and vivid colors
  • Efficient, automated double-sided banner printing for multidirectional marketing
  • The ability to print on all traditional signage substances
  • Superior safety, being odorless and UL ECOLOGO Certified, which makes prints viable in all indoor spaces, including healthcare settings and other safety-conscious areas
  • High-quality at high-speed, with the ability to produce 334 ft²/hr highspeed outdoor quality prints
  • Speedy turnaround, with prints coming out completely dry and ready to finish and deliver
  • Perfect color matches, thanks to HP Custom Substrate Profiling and i1 embedded spectrophotometer technology
  • Superior eco-friendliness, being GREENGUARD GOLD Certified and containing more than 85% recyclable/reusable content by weight

Sign Printing Near Me: Take Your Brand Anywhere With BSG

So where can the Cadillac of Printers take your brand?

With the support of our sign makers, anything’s possible, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take your brand to new heights—Whether you’re looking to elevate your brand image figuratively with stunning designs and high-quality signage, or literally, mounting your sign up high for greater visibility and branding impact, we’ve got the skills, installation equipment, and premium printing tech to get the job done, no matter how “tall” the task.

    In fact, just recently, we printed and installed an entire system of warehouse signs, most of which were elevated 22’ above the ground and suspended by cables on ½” conduit. The installation required special planning and a 45’ man lift, and our team delivered!

    Contact our team to effortlessly design, print and install a wide range of high-flying promotional signs, from grommeted banners with sun and weather-resistant finishes, to laminated vinyl building signs cut and styled to complement the surrounding architecture.

Sign Printing Near Me: Take Your Brand Anywhere with the ‘Cadillac of Printers’Sign Printing Near Me: Take Your Brand Anywhere with the ‘Cadillac of Printers’

Contact our sign printing specialists to take your brand to new heights!

  • Take your brand on the road—If you’ve read some of the research on the benefits of vehicle advertising, you know it’s one of the most cost-effective options out there, capable of generating thousands of daily views and more positive impressions than big-ticket billboards.

    Well, whenever you’re ready to take your brand on the road, the team at Baltimore Signs and Graphics is standing by to help.

    Just next door to the Cadillac of printers, you’ll find Baltimore’s largest climate-controlled vehicle graphics facility, which, at over 3000 square feet, can easily accommodate multiple vehicles, even large fleet buses, large box trucks, and tractor trailers. Take a video tour for yourself, or get in touch with our team to see it in person!

Sign Printing Near Me: Take Your Brand Anywhere with the ‘Cadillac of Printers’Sign Printing Near Me: Take Your Brand Anywhere with the ‘Cadillac of Printers’

No vehicle graphic task is too much to ask for Baltimore Signs and Graphics. Browse more finished projects in our full graphics gallery.

  • Take your brand to trade shows and local events—Sign printing is also the best option for customers seeking portable signage solutions for Baltimore’s trade shows and business events. Whether you need a few graphics to flesh out your setup, or a complete custom trade show display, you need only ask!

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