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Vinyl Wrap Benefits: Research Highlights Value of Taking Ads ‘On the Road’ in Maryland

Jun 18,2020

Vinyl Wrap Benefits Research Highlights Value of Taking Ads On the Road in Maryland

Today’s post looks at 3 seminal studies highlighting the value of vinyl wrap advertising for brands in Baltimore, Maryland. Read on to review their key findings or call 410-877-6011 for a free quote.

What Are The Benefits of Vinyl wrap for Maryland Businesses

A 2013 report in the International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, titled “A Study on Impact of Wrap Advertising,” highlighted several reasons to use vinyl wrap advertising, including:

  • Attention grabbing–custom vinyl wraps stand out from humdrum paint jobs
  • Reach a wider audience–custom vinyl wraps generated “over 100 thousands viewers per month” (p. 1430)
  • Non-aggressive advertising–custom vinyl wrap advertisements are not disruptive, like radio sales rigamarole, but quietly engaging, giving the viewer something to look at while idling in traffic or strolling past your parked vehicle
  • Get mobile–“the lead potentialities from mobile exposure are nearly endless” (p. 1430)
  • Cost-effective–unlike billboards rentals and pay-per-click campaigns with recurring costs, custom vinyl wraps are a one-time investment that generates returns for years after installing
  • Local advertising–while other forms of advertising (e.g. television ads, radio ads, etc) waste time targeting out-of-town audiences, vinyl wraps put your message in front of Maryland locals
  • Protection–vinyl wraps offer some protection against scratches, dents, road salt, hostile weather, and UV rays that could otherwise harm your paint

1.  “Investment Analysis: Measuring the Value of Vehicle Wraps” – Vinyl wraps generate impressions everywhere

Research supporting the impression-generating power of vehicle wraps spans decades.

A 2003 report by ARD Ventures found that individual vinyl wrap advertising “generates between 30,000–70,000 daily vehicular impressions.” Their study found that highway driving equated to roughly 1311 impressions per hour; city/coast line driving generated 2070 impressions per hour; residential driving generated 1656 impressions per hour; and parking generated 414 impressions per hour.

This 17-year old report foreshadowed more recent findings from 3M, which suggest that a single intra-city truck with graphics can generate up to 16-million impressions each year–that’s about 44,000 every day.

2.  “The Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic” – Vinyl wraps build authority and awareness for Maryland brands

Research by the American Trucking Association shows that vinyl wrap advertising does two things: 1. influences brand choice among those ready to buy, and 2. builds brand awareness among consumers who are not ready to buy.

“The Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic” report further showed:

  • 96% of drivers noticed vinyl wraps on trucks
  • 98% of drivers said vinyl wraps created a positive image for the company
  • 96% of drivers said fleet graphics made more of an impact than billboards
  • 75% of drivers said vinyl wraps left an impression about the company and its products
  • 29% of drivers said they would base a buying decision on these impressions

Free Quote On Custom Vinyl Wraps in Baltimore, Maryland

Whether you need a small and simple graphic or a full vinyl wrap with a complex custom design, Baltimore Signs and Graphics can help. We offer an extensive vinyl wrap catalog, complete custom design services, and full installation support

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