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Ace Your First Custom Sign Order: Full Selection And Support In Baltimore, MD

Aug 26,2022

Ace Your First Custom Sign Order: Full Selection And Support In Baltimore, MD

Your first custom sign order ought to be an exciting occasion, not an ordeal! Baltimore Signs and Graphics is committed to providing quality customer experiences, with no experience required.

Read on to learn how we simplify custom sign orders for business owners in Baltimore, MD, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a custom sign shop near you.

Ace Your Site Survey And Collaborative Consultation With BSG

Legendary boxer and cultural icon Muhammad Ali once famously said that “the fight is won or lost far away from the witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

And just as every fight is won or lost in preparation, so too is the success of every custom sign order determined ahead of time, long before it is mounted for all to see, or even before the designer begins their final draft.

In other words, the success of most custom sign orders hinges on proper site selection, planning, and preliminary ideation. Anyone can order stock signage and hang it on a wall, but to truly optimize your advertising and beat the competition, you’ll need to consider:

  • Your unique sign goals—Is this sign meant to catch the eyes of passing drivers for wayfinding and business branding, or is it an informational sign giving in-store audiences details about specific products and services?
  • Your target audience—What kind of language, sign materials, and visuals does your audience prefer? From which angles will they approach your sign, and how fast will they be traveling?
  • Your brand image—Does your sign convey the character of your brand? Is the design and installation consistent with your other brand materials?
  • Your local sign code—Does your sign design and installation comply with the standards stipulated in Baltimore’s sign code?
  • Your sign system—Does your sign design and location fit in with your existing sign system? Are you creating sign clusters or excess “visual noise”?
  • Your store space—Is your sign system taking up floor space and making your store feel cramped? Would hanging signs, freestanding displays, or space-saving wall and floor graphics work best?
  • Your budget—What sign options and installation methods are available for your budget?

Without support or experience in custom sign orders, these considerations can be daunting, but our team is standing by to help.

Every consultation starts with a free needs assessment, and site surveys are included before every order. Once we get a sense for your unique project needs, target audience, and space, we create a shortlist of recommendations, then work with you to perfect the design. We can design or recreate something from scratch, work from artwork you submit, or source your branding materials directly from your website. Whatever you choose, we guarantee 5-star results!

Ace Your First Custom Sign Order: Full Selection and Support in Baltimore, MD

Begin Your Custom Sign Order: Full Selection And Support In Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Signs and Graphics is one of Maryland’s only true one-stop shops, offering all of the products and support services you need under one roof, so you can ace your first custom sign order and save big, even without experience.

When you choose BSG, you get:

  • A full selection of printed sign solutions—We use the Cadillac of printers, the HP 365 Latex Printer to produce premium-quality vinyl, fabric, banners, and wall-coverings, including commercial grade-3 wallpapers.
  • Unparalleled color matching capabilities—Our color Precision i1 Spectrophotometer & Profiling software provides peerless color-matches for better branding and simple sign ordering.
  • Access to Baltimore’s largest indoor vehicle wrap facility—Take advantage of our 3000 square foot wrap facility, which can accommodate multiple Vehicles as well as large vehicles, as we have a very large 10 by 14 foot door and expansive working space.

Beyond sign design, site selection and manufacturing, we also take care of permit applications, sign installation, and long-term maintenance. We have over 25 years of sales, marketing and sign expertise to leverage against your needs, and every consultation is 100% free.

To begin your custom sign order, you can call (410-877-6011 or fill out our online contact form.

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