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Find A Sign Shop Near Me: Top-3 Quality Indicators To Look For In 2020-2021

Dec 31,2020

Find A Sign Shop Near Me: Top-3 Quality Indicators To Look For In 2020-2021

Some things change, some stay the same; sign quality, attentive service, and fair pricing will always be in demand, but the COVID-19 pandemic is changing consumer sign shop criteria in some ways.

Today’s post highlights the top-3 quality indicators to use when evaluating sign shops in “the new normal.” Read on or call 410-877-6011 to start a free, contactless consultation with our Maryland sign shop.

1.  Full-Service Sign Shop—everything You Need In One Place

The more products and services offered under one roof, the better! Not only do full-service shops present more opportunities for “bundling” discounts (e.g. when buying entire sign systems, or bundling custom design and maintenance costs into a single flat fee), but they also tend to house broader sign expertise, since full-service providers need to know how to design, install, and maintain various sign types.

Of course, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, full-service sign shops are even more valuable, since they limit the amount of community contact and shop visits required to complete your project.

2.  COVID-Safe Sign Services—peace Of Mind In The New Normal

Even if you aren’t shopping for COVID-19 safety signage, you need to know that the sign shop in question can meet all your needs for the foreseeable future.

And while CISA recently declared sign shops “essential businesses,” ostensibly guaranteeing their continuity in the event that the economy closes down again, not all sign shops are created equal.

In order to remain in operation and avoid service disruptions during the “new normal,” sign shops must implement all of the CDC’s employer guidelines, and provide COVID-safe services.

If you’re in Maryland, COVID-safe services are closer than you think. From the start of the pandemic, Baltimore Signs & Graphics implemented a number of COVID-safe sign-buying processes to support Maryland business continuity, such as remote consultations and contactless pick-up policies, and they’re here to stay until the pandemic threat period has passed!

3.  Custom COVID-19 Safety Signage—Meeting New Sign Needs

When you see COVID-19 safety signage in your local sign shop’s catalog, you know two things about the business right away:

  1. The sign shop is fighting the good fight. While it doesn’t tell you much about the quality of their signage or service, it’s nice to know you’re supporting a business that’s working to slow the spread and maintain safe business continuity in your area!

    To learn more about how we’re supporting Baltimore’s anti-pandemic efforts—and how your patronage contributes—check out our recent post, “Sign Makers Fighting for Baltimore Business Continuity Amidst COVID-19.”

  2. The sign shop is responsive to consumer needs. It’s all too common for sign shop owners to rest on their laurels, content to sell dated signage without a care for emerging technologies or changing industry needs. But if the shop sells COVID-19 signage, you know they’re constantly evaluating industry trends and finding new ways to meet the changing needs of their customers. And that’s exactly the kind of shop you want to work with.

    You can learn more about our COVID-19 signage, as well as our cost-effective coronavirus protection packages, on our COVID-19 signage page.

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