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Custom Lighted Sign Design Ideas: 3 Ways To Light Up Your Brand Image In Baltimore, MD

Aug 19,2022

Custom Lighted Sign Design Ideas: 3 Ways to Light Up Your Brand Image in Baltimore, MD

To help you finalize your upcoming custom lighted sign design, today’s post reviews three popular options used by business owners in Baltimore, MD to boost branding results and prevent wayfinding errors.

Read on to see 3 ways we’ve helped Baltimore businesses light up their brand image, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a lighted sign professional near you.

Elevate Your Lighted Sign System With Post And Panel Displays

Did you know that nearly two-thirds (60.8%) of US consumers have failed to find a store they intended to visit because the business lacked sufficient roadside signage?

Unfortunately, this wayfinding failure represents more than a missed opportunity; it is likely a much bigger waste of money, since you probably paid to get your message in front of this consumer, build trust, and convert them from lead, to prospect, to potential customer. Your marketing campaign did its duty, and you got what you paid for, but in the end your on-premise advertising dropped the ball.

While this might sound like a beginner problem, it continues to affect a lot of established businesses with big, impressive storefront signs, typically because they aren’t covering all of their angles of approach. For example, if your storefront does not face the main roadway, even a big-ticket, brightly illuminated channel letter display won’t win you a lot of drive-by brand impressions or impulse buys.

This was a problem for Tutto Fresco in Forest Hill. They had a lot of different viewing angles to cover, and their lighted storefront sign couldn’t cover them all.

So, to help approaching drivers find their destination with plenty of advanced notice, we installed a lighted post and panel sign right at the roadside, and the customer was thrilled with the final results:

Custom Lighted Sign Design Ideas: 3 Ways to Light Up Your Brand Image in Baltimore, MDCustom Lighted Sign Design Ideas: 3 Ways to Light Up Your Brand Image in Baltimore, MD

Post and panel lighted signs are one of the most effective options on the market, combining the power of vertical visibility, striking freestanding display, and eye-catching illumination.

Keeping in line with their clean and traditional take on old world cuisine, Tutto Fresco kept it classic with a pure text sign with a high-contrast white-and-red-on-black palette. But with our lighted sign designers on your side, your options are practically endless—book a free consultation to see what’s possible!

Build Lighted Signs On A Budget: Reuse Old Pylon Sign Structures

Pylon signs are another fantastic lighted sign solution for local businesses looking to reduce their risks of costly wayfinding errors. And contrary to popular belief, they don’t always have to be big-ticket purchases.

Recently, we were contacted by Pizza Boli in Essex, MD. The business owner was hoping to make use of a heavily damaged pylon sign with a limited budget. After a brief site survey, we came up with a plan: we would convert the top two sections into LED illuminated cabinet signs and cover the lower, badly damaged sections with black ACM.

The customer was thrilled with the final results, and we were thrilled to be able to deliver such a powerful promotional tool for such a low price.

Custom Lighted Sign Design Ideas: 3 Ways to Light Up Your Brand Image in Baltimore, MD

If you have an old sign structure on your property, we might be able to do something similar. Get in touch with our lighted sign specialist to book your free consultation and find out.

Catch Eyes And Convey Character With Halo-Lit Signs

Many lighted sign options can be halo-lit, or “reverse-lit,” by mounting your lighted channel letters on standoffs away from the wall, then projecting LED illumination onto the wall surface behind them. This not only improves legibility for local audiences, creating a vibrant outline for each character; but it can also be used for better branding, conveying a sense of sophistication, importance, and modernity.

Custom Lighted Sign Design Ideas: 3 Ways to Light Up Your Brand Image in Baltimore, MD

Explore All Your Lighted Sign Options: Get A Free Quote In Baltimore, MD

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