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Work With Sign Experts In Baltimore, MD: Command Your Corner Lot

Mar 08,2022

Work With Sign Experts In Baltimore, MD: Command Your Corner Lot

Depending on your choice of sign and installation site, corner lots can be a blessing or a curse. But don’t stress—whether you need help getting started, or you need somebody with the skills to execute your master plan, our sign experts can help.

Today’s post highlights how our sign experts recently helped a Baltimore business take full advantage of their busy corner spot to enhance their local brand image with a custom blade sign. Read on to learn more, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with our sign experts in Baltimore, MD.

Work With Sign Experts In Baltimore, MD: Command Your Corner Lot

Just recently, our sign experts had the opportunity to work with The Local Oyster on the exterior signage for their new Locust Point location, which happened to be a corner lot.

As we’ve said, these can be a blessing or a curse. After all, if your chosen sign type or location isn’t visible from both streets abutting your business, you could be cutting your daily impressions in half! Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to maximize your visibility to all comers, and our sign experts know all the tricks of the trade.

In this case, in addition to being visible from all directions, the owners wanted to keep their sign consistent with their in-store and online branding, which was great to hear. Not only do we love their logo, with its high-contrast white-on-red design and the oyster shucking knife to anchor the brand image, but the fact they came to us with artwork in-hand meant our sign experts did not need to spend time on ideation or mock-ups.Work with Sign Experts in Baltimore, MD: Command Your Corner Lot

After struggling with construction due to COVID-19 disruptions and supply chain issues, The Local Oyster appreciated our sign experts’ speedy turnaround!

After a brief consultation and site survey, the plan came together quickly. They would use a circular, two-sided shop sign, sometimes referred to as a blade sign, to display their logo up high at the corner of Park and W Centre Street. Everything from the design to the display location was fine-tuned for optimal performance—for example:

  • The circular design complements the building architecture, with its rounded roof top molding/fascia, but it also contrasts with the neighboring building’s square shape. In this way, the overall design gives the location a kind of internal uniformity (round sign, round logo, rounded building design), which helps with branding, while also being distinct from its environment to increase conspicuity.
  • The double-sided design and position on the corner maximizes visibility from all directions, increasing the amount of daily impressions that this sign generates and assisting with wayfinding, too.
  • The height of the blade sign would ensure that the brand image was always prominently displayed, even when the sidewalks fill up.

As usual, our sign experts worked quickly, honored the client’s exact specifications, and breezed through the installation. And as always, the results speak for themselves:

Work with Sign Experts in Baltimore, MD: Command Your Corner LotWork with Sign Experts in Baltimore, MD: Command Your Corner Lot

Our sign experts helped the Local Oyster command their center lot, and they can do the same for you!

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Is this the Local Oyster’s circular blade sign the right solution for every business and corner lot? No—but there’s a solution for your unique business layout and sign budget, too, and we can help you find it.

Call (410)-877-6011 or use our quick contact form to request a callback from our sign experts in Baltimore, MD.

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