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The Benefits Of Bus Wrap Marketing For Businesses In Baltimore, MD

Feb 28,2022

The Benefits Of Bus Wrap Marketing For Businesses In Baltimore, MD

Today’s post runs down a few of the biggest benefits of bus wrap marketing for businesses in Baltimore, MD. Read on to review the research, or call (410)-877-6011 to start a free consultation.

Bus Wrap Marketing Makes A Major Positive Impact On Your Brand Image

Not only can bus wrap marketing get more eyes on your business, with most studies estimating that vehicle wraps garner as many as 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions, but they also foster positive associations with your brand.

One seminal study by the ad agency RYP & Becker Group found that:

  • 97% of drivers exposed to bus wrap marketing recall seeing the advertisements
  • 98% of drivers thought that ads created a “positive image of the advertiser”
  • 96% thought that fleet graphics had more impact than billboards

With their ability to make more of an impact than static billboards for a fraction of the cost (and none of the permitting red tape), bus wraps are a fantastic choice for your fleet. And you’re not limited to bus wraps, either—on the contrary, we can install custom graphics on just about any vehicle that rolls into our shop.

The Benefits of Bus Wrap Marketing for Businesses in Baltimore, MDThe Benefits of Bus Wrap Marketing for Businesses in Baltimore, MD

On the road or on the lake, vehicle wraps and graphics make a big impact!

Bus Wrap Marketing Is Extremely Cost-Effective And Easy To Keep In Shape

In case you haven’t heard, 3M recently named bus wraps the #1 most cost-effective option in a Media Asset-Value comparison, outperforming all other marketing materials in terms of cost per mille, or price paid per 1000 impressions. In fact, they were nearly 50-times more cost-effective than television commercials!

But that’s not all. Compared to almost all other marketing materials included in the analysis, bus wraps also enjoy incredible longevity. Whereas a television commercial or newspaper ad will only run for a few weeks, months at most, bus wraps can last for 5 to 7 years with proper maintenance, growing your return on investment all the while. In this case, “proper maintenance” is easy—it’s just a matter of gently cleaning your wraps when they appear dirty, wiping away fuel spills immediately, and practicing proper cleaning technique, without any abrasive tools, harsh detergents, or careless power washes.

Even if your bus wraps get torn, scuffed, or faded, repairs are easy, thanks to the skills of our bus wrap specialists and our investment in color-matching technology.

Bus Wrap Marketing Is A Fantastic Option For Targeted Marketing

While bus wraps turn every parking space or morning commute into a great opportunity for general branding and “untargeted marketing,” they’re also fantastic tools for more precise promotional delivery. And targeting your bus wrap marketing campaign is as easy as changing routes.

Suppose you wanted to target the senior demographic—just drive your bus wraps past Waxter Center or Greenmount Senior Center. Want to engage the younger tech crowd? Drive past Loyola University’s Student Technology Center, or perhaps the UMBC Information Technology and Engineering Building. With a little creative thinking, the opportunities for targeted marketing are endless.

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