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Top-4 Sign Permitting Questions From Business Owners In Baltimore, MD

Apr 29,2022

Top-4 Sign Permitting Questions From Business Owners In Baltimore, MD

Today’s post runs down the top-4 most common sign permitting questions we get from business owners in Baltimore, MD. Read on to learn a bit about Baltimore’s sign code, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a sign permitting specialist near you.

Top-4 Sign Permitting Questions For Businesses In Baltimore, MD

1.    Do I Need Sign Permitting Support For My Order? What Signs Are Exempt?

According to Section 17-201 of the Baltimore Sign Code, “no sign may be erected, relocated, or structurally altered” without a permit, except for the following exemptions:

  • Temporary banners
  • Bike sharing stations
  • Flags
  • Garage or yard sale signs
  • Governmental signs
  • House number signs
  • Memorial plaques
  • Music informational signs
  • Official public notices
  • Parking regulation signs
  • Non-commercial or political signs
  • Real estate signs
  • Warning signs
  • Temporary window signs
  • Sponsor-a-road signs

2.    Can I Change My Business Sign Without Additional Sign Permitting?

Section 17-205 lists the following Permissible Activities, which do not require a permit unless there is an increase in sign dimensions or change in structure:

  1. Changing the copy or message on changeable copy signs, whether illuminated or non-illuminated
  2. Painting, repainting, cleaning, and changing items of information that does not involve any structural changes or new electrical components
  3. Refacing an existing sign, as long as it is not located in the Historical and Architectural Preservation District or listed on a landmark list

Of course, you can change code-exempt temporary signs any way you please.

3. What Are My Maintenance Obligations According To Baltimore’s Sign Code?

According to Section 17-205 of the Baltimore sign code, “all signs and the premises surrounding them must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, free and clear of all noxious substances, rubbish, and weeds.” Additionally, all unused sign hardware or wiring must be removed, and burned out bulbs must be replaced as soon as possible. Don’t worry—our sign permitting team does it all, so you can completely automate your maintenance to-do list.

4.    What Sign Permitting Considerations Are Required For Illuminated Signs?

Illuminated signs are one of the best options for conspicuous advertising, but with great power comes great responsibility!

Along with a proper permit and code-compliant design and maintenance, illuminated signs must be:

  • Concentrated on the area of the sign with minimal spillage (Section 17-204).
  • Shielded and directed to prevent casting glare or direct light on adjacent publicly dedicated roadways and surrounding properties (Section 17-204).
  • Free from any flashing, blinking, fluctuating, or animated light (Section 17-410).

If you want to illuminate traditional signage, such as awning signs, canopy signs, freestanding signs, projecting signs, and wall signs, goose-neck fixtures and indirect spotlights are allowed.

Find Sign Permitting Support In Baltimore, MD: Get A Free Quote

Baltimore Signs & Graphics is a leading provider of sign permitting solutions for businesses throughout Baltimore and all of the surrounding areas, including the communities of Severn, Towson, Parkville, and beyond.

Whether you want to order a single sign or a complete sign system for your business, you’ll find everything you need at our one-stop shop, including:

  • Code-compliant sign design, installation, lighting, and maintenance services
  • Full support with sign planning, permit applications and variances
  • Quick and easy design remediation services, and more

We’ve helped all kinds of businesses design and install code-compliant sign systems, and we can do the same for you.

Top-4 Sign Permitting Questions from Business Owners in Baltimore, MD

Entrust your sign system to our 5-star sign permitting specialists in Baltimore, MD.

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