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Simplify Sign Fabrication In Baltimore, MD: Top-3 ‘Machinable’ Materials

Feb 10,2023

Simplify Sign Fabrication in Baltimore, MD: Top-3 ‘Machinable’ Materials

Machinability can be understood as the ease with which a material can be cut, drilled, shaped, and ground into the desired form by a sign fabrication expert.

So why should the end-user care about material machinability? Because the more machinable your materials, the more design possibilities open up, and, generally speaking, the faster and more cost-effective the sign fabrication will be.

To simplify sign fabrication and help you save money on your next order, today’s post spotlights 3 of the most machinable materials available to sign-buyers in Baltimore, MD.

Read on to learn more, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a sign fabrication expert in Baltimore, MD.

1.   Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum composite (ACM) panels are made up of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum, which can be ordered in varying thicknesses and sizes to suit different goals (e.g. thicker for durability and weather-resistant; thinner for lightweight portability).

Simplify Sign Fabrication in Baltimore, MD: Top-3 ‘Machinable’ Materials

With this project for Baltimore Directions, we used 6mm ACM material to create a strong, long-lasting sign that could stand up to the worst of Baltimore weather.

Like all the materials we’re spotlighting today, ACM panels offer superior machining characteristics for practically limitless (and cost-effective) customization, whether you choose to score-and-snap them into the desired shape, or go pro for more complex shapes and tooling.

Simplify Sign Fabrication in Baltimore, MD: Top-3 ‘Machinable’ Materials

With the help of our experts, you can easily cut and shape ACM panels to fit your vision.

Machinability aside, ACM materials are also the perfect canvas for creating custom signs, being perfectly flat and manufactured with a super polyester lacquer that works wonders for digital printing.

Simplify Sign Fabrication in Baltimore, MD: Top-3 ‘Machinable’ Materials

This project for AR Workshop Reisterstown shows off ACM’s potential as a creative canvas, using digitally printed graphics on an ACM substrate to create a stunning pylon sign.

ACM panels are also incredibly durable and weather-resistant, so much so that researchers at the International Journal of Engineering and Technology recommend their use as facade material in all manner of outdoor applications (Mohaney et al., 2018).

They’re also a great option for mobile marketing at trade shows, pop-up shops and local events, being rigid, lightweight, and perfectly flat for easy stacking, stowing, and transporting.

2.   Acrylic

Acrylic is an all-star material in the sign fabrication world, offering excellent machinability along with:

  • Exceptional service life—with the right installation area and the odd bit of maintenance, your sign could last for decades!
  • Easy refacing (e.g. swap out worn graphics instead of paying for all new signs)
  • A wide range of color options
  • Light diffusion properties to enhance illuminated signage
  • Perfect flatness/rigidity for easy graphic installations

Simplify Sign Fabrication in Baltimore, MD: Top-3 ‘Machinable’ Materials

If you want to light up your brand message, acrylic allows just the right amount of light to shine through.

Acrylic signs are also extremely cost-effective, especially if you’re looking to simulate the effects of glass, as was the case for TNAT:

Simplify Sign Fabrication in Baltimore, MD: Top-3 ‘Machinable’ Materials

This reception sign project for TNAT used frosted vinyl on acrylic to create the effect of etched glass for a fraction of the price, and with none of the fragility.

3.   Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most machinable, versatile, and cost-effective materials on the market, allowing business owners to create custom sign decals, banners, flags, graphics, table runners, vehicle wraps, and much more, in any shape, size, color, or cut.

Every order prints on the Cadillac of printers, the HP 365 Latex, guaranteeing you:

  • Sharp, consistent, and repeatable image quality in ultra-HD 1200 dpi resolution
  • The option for double-sided printing for multidirectional marketing
  • High-speed turnaround, with the ability to produce 334 ft²/hr outdoor quality prints that come out completely dry and ready to finish and deliver
  • Perfect color matches, thanks to our HP Custom Substrate Profiling and i1 embedded spectrophotometer technology

To see what’s possible with vinyl signs, check out our print marketing gallery.

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