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Sign Buyers’ FAQ: All You Need To Know About Custom Channel Letter Signs

Feb 28,2023

Sign Buyers’ FAQ: All You Need to Know About Custom Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are one of the most popular options for big brands, corporate headquarters, and national franchises, so it should come as no surprise that they’re one of the most asked-about sign types on the market.

To help you further your research and make the best decision for your storefront sign, today’s post answers a few of the most common questions we get about channel letter signs.

Read on to learn more, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a channel letter sign expert in Baltimore, MD.

“What Are The Different Lighting Options For Channel Letter Signs?”

Channel letter signs typically come in one of four lighting styles:

  1. Standard front-lit channel letters
  2. Halo-lit channel letters
  3. Front/Back-lit channel letters
  4. Open face channel letters

Each of these options come with pros and cons, so only you can decide what’s best for your brand vision, but our experts are standing by to help.

Sign Buyers’ FAQ: All You Need to Know About Custom Channel Letter Signs

Haloed channel letter signs are a popular option for Baltimore businesses, but they’re one of many!

“Do Channel Letter Signs Require Special Sign Code Considerations?”

In a word, yes. Not only will your channel letter sign need a permit, but Section 450.6 of Baltimore’s sign code states that:

  • All light emanating from your sign must be “shaded, shielded, or directed so that its intensity does not cause a glare or similar adverse effect on neighboring properties, highways, or parking areas.”
  • “Projected illumination must be reasonably confined to the face of the sign.”
  • All channel letter signs must “operate at a constant intensity.”

Additionally, your design and installation will be regulated by the standards stipulated in your local sign code.

For first-time buyers, meeting these permit and sign code requirements can seem overwhelming, but it’s easy with our team by your side. We provide full support with permitting, and since we know Baltimore’s sign code, you’ll never have to worry about noncompliance issues with your design, lighting, or installation.

“What Is The Best Installation Option For Channel Letter Signs?”

Channel letter signs come in a variety of installation styles, including:

  • Raceway mounting, where the letters are attached to a rectangular mount (the “raceway”), which houses all of your sign’s electrical components and minimizes the need to drill multiple holes in your sign facade. The raceway can be hidden by making it the same color as the substrate, or it can be used as an accent or contrast-booster.
    Sign Buyers’ FAQ: All You Need to Know About Custom Channel Letter Signs

Angel Las Delicias Restaurant used a blue raceway to hide the sign hardware and create strong contrast with the yellow lettering.

  • Direct or stud-mounting uses special non-corrosive fasteners to integrate your channel letter sign seamlessly into the building architecture, with no raceway or backer. However, this option does require more drilling, which may not be doable for renters. This option is best when the design of your building allows you to access the back of the sign, since all the electrical must be run inside or on the back of the wall.
  • Backer mounting, which is similar to raceway mounting, only the electrical housing can be designed in any shape or color, rather than being limited to a rectangle.

Because each of these installation options comes with different pros and cons, and they are available at different price points, there is no real universal “best” for all business owners.

For instance, raceway mounting is ideal for commercial buildings or other rented space with high tenant turnover, since the installation style is minimally invasive, whereas direct or stud-mounting is most often used for heavier letter installations in situations where the landlord is not opposed to a bit of extra drilling.

But while there might not be a universal “best,” there is a “best-for-you,” and our channel letter sign specialists can help you find it!

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