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Recipe for Success: 3 ‘Ingredients’ for the Perfect Lobby Sign Design

Jun 24,2020

Recipe for Success: Three ‘Ingredients’ for the Perfect Lobby Sign Design

Today’s post shares one of our favorite “recipes” for lobby sign success. Read on to learn the top-3 “ingredients” needed for effective lobby sign design, or call 410-877-6011 to speak with our team in Baltimore, MD.

Quality Lobby Sign Materials – The Not-So-Secret Ingredient

According to the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study, more than one third of American consumers (34.5%) regularly make assumptions about brand quality “on the basis of clear and attractive signage.” With that in mind, it makes sense to invest in the lobby sign materials you’ll use to build your brand image–sourcing all your lobby signage from the office printer is not enough!

But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on lobby sign materials, either. At Baltimore Signs and Graphics, you can choose from a huge catalog of lobby sign styles, from premium vinyl graphics to dynamic digital signs, all of which are of the highest quality. As members of the Signworld business alliance, we get access to exclusive vendor discounts, and we’re happy to pass the savings onto you.

Additionally, with the right design, even budget-friendly lobby signs can look like a million bucks. We offer in-house branding consultations and complete custom logo and graphic design services in-house, so you’re really only limited by your imagination.

Less is More: Practice “Progressive Disclosure” With Lobby Signs

Progressive disclosure refers to the process of gradually revealing information to the viewer. This method underpins the design of most sign systems, which focus on moving the viewer through a narrative or check-in process on a step-by-step basis. Progressive disclosure not only makes each sign clear and simple (because no single sign tries to do everything at once), but also keeps the viewer engaged for longer, giving them a trail of breadcrumbs rather than throwing them the whole loaf at once!

Progressive disclosure is recommended for most indoor sign applications, and it often starts with your lobby sign.

Rather than provide an overwhelming list of options right at the beginning, give the visitor just enough information to make one small choice at a time. For your lobby sign, that could mean displaying your logo and brand name alongside directions to sign-in with the receptionist or enter the showroom. Alternatively, you could opt for the traditional logo-and-catchphrase combo, which says a little about your brand to build intrigue without disclosing too much.

Don’t Forget to Season Your Lobby Sign

A pinch of salt, a dash of cinnamon, a touch of heat. While they don’t change the look, shape, or feel or the final dish, these finishing touches often make all the difference in a recipe. The same is true of your lobby signs.

Once you’ve chosen your basic template, you’ll want to add some “seasoning,” perhaps with one of the following design options:

  • A splash of color–cool, calming blue for a healthcare lobby sign, or maybe even off-brand colors to really stand out, like this Google lobby sign deviating from the traditional primary color palette:
  • Illumination–whether you choose internal or external lighting, illuminant lobby signs really grab the eye and convey big-brand authority. The Google lobby sign above provides another great example.
  • Characterful materials–choose from brass, copper, acrylic, wood, plastics, foamcore, and more, each of which lend themselves to particular brand backstories.

However you wish to personalize your lobby signs, our team can help!

Free Lobby Sign Design Consultation and Quote in Maryland

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