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Order Dimensional Letters: Add Depth To Your Brand Image In Baltimore, MD

Feb 17,2023

Order Dimensional Letters: Add Depth To Your Brand Image In Baltimore, MD

Dimensional letters are one of the most popular options for big brands and national franchises, and for good reason. Not only are they cost-effective, larger-than-life, and long-lasting; but their one-of-a-kind dimensional design offers some unique promotional advantages over other storefront sign solutions.

That’s what today’s post is all about. Read on to learn 3 benefits of using dimensional letters in your on-premise sign system, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a dimensional letter specialist in Baltimore, MD.

Why Use Dimensional Letters For Your Business?

1.   Dimensional Letters Add Depth To Your Brand Image To Draw Eyes

Back in 2018, research by Frontiers in Psychology noted how novel sign design was key for “breaking through the advertising clutter of a competitive media marketplace” (Zhou et al., 2018, p. 471).

If you’re looking for a novel sign design that will help you catch eyes and stand out from the competition, go deep with dimensional letters! With the majority of modern signage still stuck in 2D, these three-dimensional signs will instantly set your brand apart, giving readers the sense that your message is leaping off the substrate and demanding their attention. And with the help of our dimensional letter experts, you can bring any custom design to life.

2.   Dimensional Letters Are Easy To Install And Approve

Most dimensional letter installations are not particularly DIY-friendly, but they’re much faster and less complex than channel letter installations, since there is no electrification involved. This not only makes mounting less invasive and lowers overhead/running costs, but also eliminates the need for electrical permits that could slow your project down.

As with all signs in our catalog, every dimensional letter order includes full support with installation and permitting, so you never have to worry about sign code violations, safety issues, or early wear resulting from improper mounting.

Order Dimensional Letters: Add Depth to Your Brand Image in Baltimore, MD

Whether your installation requires raceways, stand-offs, or electrical work to illuminate your dimensional letters, our experts do it all.

3.   Dimensional Letters Crank Up The Contrast For Extra Visibility

In one study by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, head researcher James Bullough (2017) found that “the contrast between a sign and its immediate background is the primary determinant of one’s ability to detect the sign in visually simple environments, perhaps more than size.”

If you’re looking for ways to crank up to the contrast, dimensional letters are designed to do just that. Not only can we help you create strong contrast between your dimensional letters and substrate, but their 3D design gives your logo or message built-in shading, creating shadows in the kerning of your letters to help each character stand out even more.

For example, check out this dimensional lettering mockup for M. Delaney in Baltimore, MD. Not only does it use a powerful black-on-white palette; but if you look closely, you can see each letter is outlined with a subtle white border for extra contrast, while the dimensional effect cranks the effect up even further by casting a shadow behind each letter.

Order Dimensional Letters: Add Depth to Your Brand Image in Baltimore, MD

Get A Free Quote On Custom Dimensional Letters In Baltimore, MD

To learn more about the benefits dimensional letters can bring your business, explore our full catalog, and get a free quote on any order, you can:


Bullough, J. (2017). Factors affecting sign visibility, conspicuity, and legibility: Review and annotated bibliography. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 1(2), 2-25.

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