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Mobile Marketing: 6 Reasons To Add Vehicle Graphics To Your Sign System

Jul 13,2022

Mobile Marketing: 6 Reasons To Add Vehicle Graphics To Your Sign System

Looking to expand your audience without contracting your budget? Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective off-premise advertising tools out there, and they could be the key to your next “mobile marketing” campaign in Baltimore, MD.

Read on to learn 6 reasons why Baltimore businesses are rushing to add versatile vehicle graphics to their signage system, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak with a vehicle graphics specialist near you.

Why Add Vehicle Graphics To Your Sign System?

1.   Vehicle Graphics Generate A High Return On Investment

In one study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, researchers found that every $1 spent on vehicle graphics yielded almost $3 in sales, which was more than any other form of advertising measured in their report.

What’s more, out-of-home (OOH) advertising with vehicle graphics can actually improve the ROI of your other marketing campaigns, creating a synergistic effect by reinforcing brand awareness, authority, and messaging. For example, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s Out-of-Home ROI & Media Mix Optimization Summary Report (2018) revealed that the regular use of OOH vehicle graphic advertising increased the ROI for online ads by 40% and print ads by 14%.

2.   Vehicle Graphics Are Quick And Cost-Effective

Compared to custom paint jobs, vehicle graphics are quicker, easier, cheaper, and imminently more flexible. What’s more, these “mobile billboards” require no special permitting or recurring rental costs, unlike traditional off-premise signage.

Mobile Marketing: 6 Reasons to Add Vehicle Graphics to Your Sign System

Vehicle graphics are quick to install and easy to order.

3.   Vehicle Graphics Help Your Brand Looks Its Best

All of our vehicle graphics are printed using the Cadillac of printers, the HP 365 Latex Large Format Production Printer, which gets you vivid color, unmatched eco-friendliness, and stunning high-resolution graphics, guaranteed. Custom paint jobs will be limited by the artist’s training, tools, and talents, but we can bring any artwork to life in astonishing detail with a few easy clicks!

4.   Vehicle Graphics Last For The Long Haul

When you shop at Baltimore Signs and Graphics, you can expect your vehicle graphics to last for 5 to 7 years with minimal maintenance. And because our premium vehicle graphics stand up to heat, rain, snow, and daily wear, your brand will look its best for as long as its on display.

5.   Vehicle Graphics Protect Your Ride

Contrary to popular belief, vehicle graphic removal will not damage your ride, unless:

  • You attempt a DIY vehicle graphic removal with improper tools or techniques
  • You leave a vehicle graphic on your vehicle for too long
  • Your vehicle’s paint is chipping or the bodywork is damaged
  • Your vehicle graphics become brittle due to extreme temperatures
  • You purchase a low-quality vehicle graphic

On the contrary, when you invest in quality vehicle graphics and installation services, you’re actually protecting your ride. This was noted in a 2013 report for the International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, wherein researchers observed how vehicle wraps and graphics offered some protection against scratches, dents, road salt, hostile weather, and UV rays.

Mobile Marketing: 6 Reasons to Add Vehicle Graphics to Your Sign System

Vehicle graphics do double duty as mobile billboards and protective coverings.

This should not come as a huge surprise—you are covering substantial areas of your vehicle’s bodywork with vinyl “shields,” after all—but vehicle graphics’ protective properties are frequently overlooked.

6.   Vehicle Graphics Surprise Audiences In Novel Settings

In marketing contexts, novel viewing experiences greatly enhance consumer response, with multiple studies associating novel messaging, visuals, and display contexts with faster recall, longer dwell time, and more positive impressions of ads.

Vehicle graphics are a great way to take advantage of the power of novelty, giving business owners the option to display their messaging in surprising places, away from crowded signscapes and competitors’ messaging.

And don’t feel you’re limited to highways, back roads, parades, and parking lots—take this nautical vehicle graphic project for instance!

Mobile Marketing: 6 Reasons to Add Vehicle Graphics to Your Sign System

Anything is possible with BSG’s vehicle graphics team!

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