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Work With A Sign Company Near Me: 5 Ways To Cut Project Costs

Jun 30,2022

Work with a Sign Company Near Me: 5 Ways to Cut Project Costs

With countless online options at your fingertips, you may be wondering: Why work with a sign company near me?” Beyond supporting local business, it can greatly reduce project costs.

Read on to learn 5 ways to save money by working with our sign company in Baltimore, MD, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a member of our team.

Shop Local And Save: Why Work With A Sign Company Near Me?

1.    Explore Inexpensive Sign Solutions With A Sign Company Near Me

Not all signs need to be big-ticket items.

Can’t afford billboard rental fees? Use vinyl graphics on windows, floors, walls, or vehicles to create dynamic mobile and on-premise billboards for a fraction of the price.

No room in the budget for a channel letter display? Go big on a budget with a panel sign or banner.

Along with our catalog of low-cost sign substitutes, we offer plenty of alternative materials that can cut your project costs dramatically. For example, you might consider lower-grade vinyl for graphics, or swap out true granite for textured foam on a monument sign.

Call (410)-877-6011 to discuss more ways to save with savvy sign substitutions.

2.    Bundle Services Together To Save With A Sign Company Near Me

Baltimore Signs and Graphics is a full-service sign company, meaning we offer everything you need for flawless results on any sign order, including:

  • Custom graphic design/branding services
  • Custom sign manufacturing
  • Sign delivery and installation
  • Support with sign code compliance and permitting
  • Sign maintenance, and more

When you work with our local sign company, you get all of these services for one low price, instead of paying 5+ different shops and working overtime to keep everyone on the same page.

3.    Cut Delivery Delays/Shipping Costs With A Sign Company Near Me

Why pay extra in shipping and handling and subject yourself to delivery delays when you could find all you need at our Baltimore sign shop?

Choose from our extensive inventory of sign materials and get your sign delivered and installed within days of placing your order, instead of gambling your project timeline on a COVID-stricken supply chain.

4.    Consider Sign Code From The Jump With A Sign Company Near Me

All signs need to comply with Baltimore’s design standards, and those requiring permits will need to conform to strict size requirements. Failing to do so will cost you, both in terms of non-compliance fees and project backtracking, so make sure to consider your sign code requirements early on in the process, and build from there.

While there are plenty of capable sign companies out there, few know Baltimore sign code like we do. We work with Baltimore sign code every day, and we’ve helped speed up the permitting process for numerous business owners like you. From the moment we start on your order to the day it’s installed, we’ll ensure your design conforms to Baltimore’s sign code standards, while still standing out from the crowd.

5.    Save On Long-Term Maintenance With A Sign Company Near Me

Most sign maintenance costs are nominal, and the work itself is easy, usually no more than the occasional wipe-down or bulb replacement.

But even still, Baltimore Signs & Graphics is committed to helping business owners drive down upkeep costs. To that end, we offer a number of special products and services, including:

  • A wide range of UV and weather-resistant signs that can stand up to the worst of Baltimore weather and still look their best for the full product lifespan
  • A complete suite of sign maintenance services, from simple sign cleaning and bulb replacements to more intensive refacing and repair projects
  • Graffiti-resistant laminate coatings on many of our graphics, making it possible to clean away markings instead of footing the bill for a sign replacement

Get A Free Quote From A Sign Company Near Me: Call B.S.G!

Call (410)-877-6011 or fill out our online contact form to get a free quote on any custom sign order.

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