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Maintain A Strong Brand Image: 5 Tips For Easy Channel Letter Sign Upkeep

Dec 31,2021

Maintain A Strong Brand Image: 5 Tips For Easy Channel Letter Sign Upkeep

A channel letter sign can help you build an authoritative brand image, and we can help you maintain them both. Read on to learn 5 tips for easy channel letter sign upkeep, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a channel letter sign specialist in Baltimore, MD.

The Condition Of Your Channel Letter Signs Counts For A Lot

Nearly a decade ago, research by the Lindner College of Business revealed that:

  • Consumers judge businesses based on the quality and condition of their signage. More than 41,500 study participants stated that they routinely make quality assumptions about local brands based on the quality and condition of their storefront signs.
  • Attractive, well-maintained signs boost business. More than 35,000 survey respondents stated that they had impulsively visited unfamiliar stores “based on the quality of their signs.” Echoing these responses, the research team also found a positive correlation between sign quality, condition, and total number of store visits.
  • Sign condition dictates public perception of your brand’s “character.” Not only do consumers look at your storefront signs to broadly assess business quality; they also use the condition of your signage to draw conclusions about character and credo. In fact, more than 85,000 survey respondents agreed that sign condition “conveys the personality or character of the business.”

Clearly, the condition of your channel letter signs counts for a lot. If they’re dirty, cracked, faded, or poorly lit, you can expect local audiences to make negative assumptions about the quality, character, and cleanliness of your business, and you can expect fewer walk-ins, too!

Don’t worry—unless there’s a problem with the electrical, maintaining your channel letter signs is actually very straightforward, even if you choose to D.I.Y. And if you’d rather automate your upkeep altogether, we can take care of it, giving you all the benefits of pristine channel letter signs without any of the maintenance hassle.

Read on to learn some simple channel letter sign maintenance tips, or call (410)-877-6011 to discuss a channel letter sign maintenance schedule with our team.

5 Tips For Easy Channel Letter Sign Upkeep In Baltimore, MD

  • Inspect your channel letter signs regularly—As you work through the following tips, you’ll find that many of them call for fixes as soon as possible. Why? Because the sooner you address minor issues, the less likely they are to spiral into major
  • Clean contaminants away ASAP—Because they’re mounted up high, channel letter signs don’t take a lot of wear-and-tear, and they don’t typically get very dirty, either. Still, sap, bird droppings, and other contaminants can find their way onto channel letter signs, and when that happens, you should clean them away immediately. The longer these contaminants are left on your channel letters, the harder they’ll be to remove, putting you at greater risk of scratching up the acrylic with a vigorous scrubbing.
  • Don’t be afraid to replace worn parts—If you notice unsightly wear or faded colors on your channel letter signs’ trim caps or acrylic faces, don’t hesitate to swap those parts out for fresh replacements. It’s an easy, inexpensive fix for our team that saves you the pain of trying to color-match paint or mask wear some other way.
  • Seal cracks and holes ASAP—If you detect any structural issues, such as cracks or holes in the letter frame or backing structure, these should be sealed as soon as possible, as exposure to the elements may lead to rust forming around the seams, water damage, or pests moving into the housing for the lights.
  • Call in a professional when lighting issues arise. Don’t risk getting zapped! If your channel letter sign is flickering, unevenly lit, or otherwise malfunctioning, and there’s more to the problem than a burnt-out bulb, stay safe and call in the professionals.

Free Quote On Channel Letter Sign Services In Baltimore, MD

Whether you need channel letter signs designed, built, installed, refaced, or maintained, you’ve come to the right place. We are one of Baltimore’s only true one-stop shops for channel letter signs, and our proven process is backed by 40+ glowing reviews and a perfect 5-star Google rating.

To start a free channel letter sign consultation and get a free quote on a maintenance plan, call (410)-877-6011.

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