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LED Sign Maintenance: 4 Simple Tips To Make Lighted Signs Last Longer

Jan 27,2023

LED Sign Maintenance: 4 Simple Tips To Make Lighted Signs Last Longer

Offering unparalleled energy-efficiency, visibility, and ease of operation, LED signs are already one of the best options for digital and illuminated advertisements. But if you want to maximize your return on investment, regular maintenance is key.

Don’t worry—with our experts by your side, LED sign maintenance is easy!

Read on to learn 4 simple tips to keep your LED signs looking great for longer, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with our team in Baltimore, MD.

1.   Simplify Your LED Sign Maintenance With Perfect Placement

Modern LED signs are lightweight, durable, and easy to set up. Some are even made waterproof using special treatments or acrylic boxes to house their electrical components.

These physical properties make LED signs extremely versatile, opening up practically endless options for unconventional installations.

But be careful—your choice of installation area will drastically affect your maintenance duties.

For example:

  • LED signs hanging under air conditioners may require extra care, as condensation drips off the AC unit and mixes with the dust, creating an unsightly gray-black mess
  • LED signs mounted near vents may be exposed to higher levels of dust
  • LED signs hanging in direct sunlight may be at higher risk of dark spots or “hotspots” scarring the LED screen
  • LED signs hung in areas with high humidity will be at higher risk of moisture damage and “caterpillar failure,” where a string of adjacent LEDs go out, creating a caterpillar-shaped deadzone on the LED screen
  • LED signs hung within arms reach will be at higher risk of wear-and-tear

In some cases, the added maintenance will be worth the novel display, but you’ll have to decide for yourself. If you’d rather minimize your maintenance duties, find an area that keeps your sign outside of arm’s reach, free from excess humidity or sun exposure, and far away from air conditioners or vents.

2.   Treat Your LED Signs To A Regular Dusting

Regular dusting is key for LED sign maintenance. Dust buildup not only looks bad, especially when water or condensation gets added to the mix; but it can also interfere with the proper functioning of your sign’s internal components.

Fortunately, dusting is easy, and our durable, user-friendly LED sign construction makes it even easier. Unlike traditional neon signs, LED signs do not emit heat, and their durable polymer tubes are super strong, so you can dust them vigorously without any risk of them breaking and releasing glass particles or hazardous gas into your store.

We generally advise owners to unplug their LED signs before dusting, but beyond that, no special preparation is needed. Simply find a feather duster or soft cloth and get to work!

The amount of dusting will depend on your store and chosen display area, but the eye test works just fine—in other words, if it looks dusty, dust it!

3.   Tackle More Serious LED Sign Stains With Care

If you’re using your LED sign outdoors, it may be exposed to more serious grime, like bird droppings, sap, salt, and other contaminants.

Don’t worry: these are easy to clean, too.

First, unplug your LED sign. Many are water sealed, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, and as you’ll see a bit later, it’s good to give your sign some occasional “downtime.”

Next, dampen an absorbent cloth and clean thoroughly using a mixture of water and household ammonia or mild detergent. Vinegar and baking soda work fine, too.

Here again, the tough polymer casing allows you to use plenty of elbow grease, although you should definitely avoid using any abrasive tools that could leave scratches. Otherwise, just avoid any strong chemicals or serious water-soaking, and you should be fine.

If your LED sign has been defaced by paint or other hard-to-clean substances, get in touch with our team to explore your options.

4.   Switch Your LED Sign Off Periodically

LED signs are ideal for 24/7 usage, with their energy efficient technology and brilliant illumination. But if you want to maximize your LED sign’s service life, it’s a good idea to switch it off occasionally. This will give the internal components a break, eliminate any risk of heat buildup, and preserve the life of your LEDs for when display matters most.

If you’d rather automate this task, consider using a dimmer or LED sign timer.

Go Pro: Book An LED Sign Consultation In Baltimore, MD

Whether you need help choosing a sign-safe cleaner or a professional LED sign repair or replacement, our team is here to help.

Not only do we offer one of Baltimore’s largest selections of LED sign products; we also offer complete LED sign design, installation, and maintenance expertise.

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