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ISA Sign-Buyers Guide: What To Ask Local Sign Companies In Baltimore, MD

Sep 30,2020

ISA Sign-Buyers Guide: What To Ask Local Sign Companies In Baltimore, MD

Today’s post reviews the International Sign Association’s “Questions to Ask a Potential Sign Partner” to highlight the value of our full-service sign shop in Baltimore, MD.

Read on to see how we exemplify all the ISA’s criteria for sign shop selection, or call 410-877-6011 to start a free consultation right away.

Design Questions To Ask Local Sign Companies In Baltimore, MD

  • Can you create custom logos and fonts? Don’t settle for stock logos and typefaces. At Baltimore Signs & Graphics, your designs are only limited by your imagination. Instantly upload vector artwork for flawless reproductions, modify any of our proven design templates, or collaborate with our in-house graphics team to create something never-before-seen. Whatever you decide, we guarantee great results on your custom design.
  • How do you factor building architecture and display conditions into my sign design? “While logo design provides a terrific head start on getting a sign put together, sign design encompasses much more,” writes the ISA. In the case of new construction, local sign companies should treat the sign design as part of the building’s architecture. As a full-service sign shop, we handle all aspects of your sign project, from design to installation, so factoring your building structure into design is an automatic instinct!
  • Can you create designs that convey something about the business or enhance the brand? Plenty of local sign companies can blindly follow orders during the design phase. But unless you are already 100% decided on your design vision, you’re probably better off finding someone with an eye for design, who can offer valuable insights and design suggestions based on your needs and brand values. At Baltimore Signs & Graphics, that’s our speciality—look no further than our Gallery page, or scroll back through our blog to find out Business Sign Showcase posted earlier this month!

How To Assess Local Sign Companies’ Manufacturing Capabilities

“You want a sign that is built to last, easy to maintain and conforms to all local and national codes and standards,” writes the ISA. And the best way to guarantee you’re partnering with qualified local sign companies is to visit their signage in person!

Ask local sign companies for a list of local signs they’ve built. Quality sign shops will be only too pleased to showcase their jobs-well-done.

As you make the rounds, ask yourself:

  • How well maintained are the business signs? This will give you an idea of the quality of the company’s materials and sign construction, as well as the extent of their sign maintenance services.
  • How visible are they from the street? This will give you an idea of the installation/site surveying capabilities of the company in question.
  • How readable are the signs themselves? This will give you good insight into the design team’s ability to optimize the five factors of sign visibility: sign size, sign angle, contrast, location, and luminance.

Like any local sign company worth their salt, we’d love nothing more than to show you some of our sign results. We put premium materials in the hands of talented designers and sign manufacturers, and the results are exactly what you’d expect! You can start by browsing our gallery, or call 410-877-6011 to get a list of local sign sites to see around Baltimore, MD.

Free Quote From A Leading Local Sign Company In Baltimore, MD

Visit the Baltimore Signs & Graphics website or call 410-877-6011 to book a free consultation and get a quote on your custom sign project today!

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