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Business Sign Showcase: Raising The Bar For Outdoor Sign Design In Baltimore, Maryland

Sep 25,2020

Business Sign Showcase: Raising the Bar for Outdoor Sign Design in Baltimore, Maryland

Your brand deserves custom signage! Ditch the stock sign options and start driving sales with custom designs capable of conveying your brand’s unique values, authority, and offerings at-a-glance.

Today’s post spotlights two recent outdoor sign projects to give you a glimpse of what’s possible in Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore Businesses Deserves Better Than Stock Signage

While some signage calls for standardized designs to facilitate universal recognition (e.g. safety signs, regulation signs, and certain wayfinding materials), outdoor signs for businesses do not!

Every brand is different, and so must be every business’s main outdoor sign. With the right design, outdoor signs do much more than simply communicate your promotional message; they’ll also boost your brand’s authority, create better first impressions with first-time viewers, simplify wayfinding, and help convert foot traffic to prospects.

But don’t take our word for it—we prefer to let the results speak for themselves. What follows is a brief business sign showcase to inspire Baltimore buyers and give you an idea of what’s possible with our custom outdoor sign designs.

Outdoor Sign Showcase: How To Communicate Brand Values With Custom Designs

When customizing your outdoor signs, take your time and choose a typeface that says more than what it spells out. The right font can say a lot about your brand, hinting at your brand values or offerings to help make stronger impressions and increase brand recall.

Take this custom outdoor sign for Tutto Fresco for example. We had a great time working on this rebranding project in Forest Hill. While creating high contrast and great visibility, this font subtly evokes the Romance languages’ classy, old-world values and authenticity, making it ideal outdoor signage for a traditional Italian eatery.

Business Sign Showcase: Raising the Bar for Outdoor Sign Design in Baltimore, Maryland


And just as a custom typeface can elevate your image and help your brand stand out, so too can the choice of materials. Here’s another example of how outdoor signs convey what your business is all about at-a-glance:

Business Sign Showcase: Raising the Bar for Outdoor Sign Design in Baltimore, Maryland

This sign package for AR Workshop Reisterstown uses aluminum composite materials that perfectly match the brand’s industrial aesthetic and mechanical offerings, while the sleek modern design elements and pastel palette help convey the brand’s boutique atmosphere.

We loved working on this project and think it turned out great, but we like the results to speak for themselves:

Business Sign Showcase: Raising the Bar for Outdoor Sign Design in Baltimore, Maryland

Thanks guys!

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