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Baltimore Sign Showcase: Real Results From A Local Sign Company

Jan 11,2021

Baltimore Sign Showcase: Real Results From A Local Sign Company

When local businesses need to crank up their conspicuity and generate more impressions, Baltimore Signs & Graphics steps in. Today’s post showcases real results from a local sign company in Baltimore, MD to help readers make informed decisions about their next sign purchase.

Could Your Business Use A Little More Conspicuity?

Did you know that nearly two-thirds (61%) of American consumers have failed to find a business they intended to visit due to small or unclear signage? This stat comes from an International Sign Association study titled Consumer Perceptions in Retail SIgnage, and it underlines the importance of conspicuous business signage. After all, if nobody can find your store—not even the people who have seen your products or services and decided to buy—then your entire marketing budget is really going to waste.

If your Baltimore business needs help getting spotted, look no further than our local sign company! What follows is a look at two popular solutions from 2020: pylon signs and channel letters.

Create The Perfect Branded Landmark With Custom Pylon Signs

To avoid being overlooked, consider installing a pylon sign roadside. Pylon signs put your brand message or logo up high, in vivid color, and light it up for all to see, making it hard to ignore and impossible to miss.

For an idea of the power of pylon signage, check out this recent project for the Healthy Life Adult Medical Day Center in Reisterstown, MD:

Baltimore Sign Showcase: Real Results from a Local Sign Company

This beautiful custom pylon sign is fully illuminated and double-sided, sending its brand message in both directions, thereby generating thousands of passive impressions every day, and acting as the perfect landmark for business identification.

To help with branding, this pylon sign design, featuring brand colors and a graphic character holding a heart up high, also effectively conveys the business character and service offerings at-a-glance. The character has a sense of movement, of achievement, while the heart reminds us about their gentle, compassionate, health-first focus.

If you’re looking for a pylon Sign or an LED retro upgrade or any other Custom acrylic sign face, contact our local sign company in Baltimore, MD.

Light Up Your Storefront For All To See With Custom Channel Letters

Channel letters are another fantastic option for upping your company’s conspicuity. Like pylon signs, channel letters are mounted up high and fully illuminated, though they’re typically installed on the building facade instead of being placed atop freestanding structures. Nevertheless, they’re incredibly effective, earning their place as the premiere sign type for most franchises and big brands.

For example, check out this recent channel letter project for Juvix the Tech Guy:

Baltimore Sign Showcase: Real Results from a Local Sign Company

Here we see the full potential of channel letter signs on display. First, the elevated position and lighting make this sign impossible to miss, and we cranked up the conspicuity even more using brand colors that contrasted with the reflected brick background.

In terms of branding, this sign couldn’t be any clearer about what’s on offer inside, featuring a cartoon desktop computer tower wielding a wrench, then literally spelling it out with “The Tech Guy” subtitle in high-contrast colors. You can see what the client thought about their custom channel letter sign by visiting our Facebook page.

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