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B2B Research Review: Convert More Leads With Sign Companies In Baltimore, MD

Sep 06,2021

B2B Research Review: Convert More Leads With Sign Companies In Baltimore, MD

Today’s post reviews research from the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing that highlights how you can increase business-to-business (B2B) sales by partnering with sign companies in Baltimore, MD.

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B2B Sales Opportunities On The Rise In Baltimore, MD

Over the next few months, Baltimore is hosting a number of exciting trade exhibitions, including:

  • The Arbutus Record Show
  • CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibition
  • Baltimore Veteran Job Fair
  • The Great Bridal Expo-Baltimore
  • The Baltimore Health and Fitness Expo
  • NAMWOLF Annual Meeting & Law Firm Expo, and more

As Baltimore reopens, business-to-business (B2B) sales at trade shows will play an important part in helping our economy recover, and you can increase your odds of success by partnering with our sign company in Baltimore, MD.

But don’t take our word for it—the value of collaborating with local sign companies is borne out by research from the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.

Sign Companies Boost B2B Sales With Booth Designs, Study Shows

“Trade show success rests on attracting attendees to an exhibitor’s booth because buyer preferences and business relationships are formed and nurtured in that space,” state researchers Peter Bloch et al. (2019, p. 2). “The design of a booth plays an important role in attracting visitors and providing a positive business atmosphere.”

Of course, not all designs are created equal. While studying attendees responses to different booth designs, the research team found:

  • Closed designs work best—Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, which states that open, spacious booth layouts are more welcoming, participants showed a strong preference for closed designs. To explain this preference, the research team posited that closed designs created the impression of a greeting area or concierge desk, leading to inferences of a higher service level. Additionally, closed designs may have signalled that there was “more to see” in the booth because more floor space appeared to be used.
  • Attendees respond to surface decoration—Environmental psychology literature finds a positive correlation between surface decoration and visual complexity, which “stimulates attention and intention to shop” (p. 25). Banners, table runners, table signs, and custom posters all fit the bill—and we’ve got them all.
  • Professional design increases B2B leads—”Among various attraction tactics, design plays a critical role,” state Bloch et al. (2019). “A well-designed booth can help a firm attract prospects, and also offers potential long-term benefits by enhancing corporate image once the show concludes.”

If you want to enhance your B2B sales performance at the next big trade show, get in touch with our sign company in Baltimore, MD. We are well-versed in the science and psychology of sign design, and we’ve helped countless exhibitors boost their trade show ROI with stunning designs backed by real research.

Boost B2B Sales: Partner With A Sign Company In Baltimore, MD

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