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3 Ways To Evaluate Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Oct 26,2020

3 Ways To Evaluate Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

How do I find the best commercial sign companies near me?”  In today’s post, we answer this common question by sharing 3 simple research tips to help you find quality sign shops in Baltimore, MD.

What Are Customers Saying About Commercial Sign Companies Near Me?

To find quality commercial sign companies, simply follow the trail of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, finding trustworthy customer feedback is often easier said than done.

In a perfect world, friends and family would always have solid recommendations for the products and services we need, but that’s not always the case. Indeed, sometimes the people we trust most have no experience with niche products or services from commercial sign companies, so we’re forced to either rely on advice from strangers or trust the company’s sales pitch.

At Baltimore Signs and Graphics, we prefer to let the results speak for themselves, so we recommend the latter. Here’s 3 ways to find out what customers are saying about commercial sign companies near you:

Option 1: Find Authentic Testimonials For Commercial Sign Companies

Start by visiting the commercial sign company website to check for testimonials. Testimonials have long been a staple of marketing strategies, so it’s quite common to find them on the websites of reputable businesses. For instance, if you stop by Baltimore Signs and Graphics and scroll down, you’ll find several testimonials under the heading What Our Customers Say, like this one from a satisfied client at Midway Condominiums:

3 Ways to Evaluate Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Another satisfied commercial sign customer in Maryland!

But beware: not all testimonials you find online tell the whole truth, and some are outright fabrications. The website owner (i.e. the business owner) controls what’s posted on-site, so take testimonials with a grain of salt.

When possible, try to connect the testimonial to real work posted on the company’s Gallery Page or social media accounts to prove it’s legit. For example, to authenticate our testimonials, you can find the finished product for Midway Condominiums on the Baltimore Signs and Graphics Facebook page:

3 Ways to Evaluate Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Option 2: Research Reviews From Third-party Websites

Another option is to check for reviews on third-party websites like Yelp. Since these sites aren’t controlled by the business owner, there’s a better chance you’ll find unbiased feedback. For instance, you could check out our 5-star reviews on Yelp or on our Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Other than being able to delete spam and unwarranted abuse, we have no control over these review sections—you’re hearing about our customer service straight from the horse’s mouth.

Option 3: Find Commercial Sign Companies’ Work Near Me

A third option is to ask former clients about how they’d rate us compared to other commercial sign companies in Baltimore, MD. Check out our Gallery or social media channel to see what local businesses we’ve worked with near you, then stop by and ask them about us yourself!

Find Out For Yourself — Book A Free Consultation With Our Commercial Sign Company

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