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3 Critical Wall Graphics Mistakes That Can Cost Your Business

Aug 28,2020

3 Critical Wall Graphics Mistakes That Can Cost Your Business

Stunning wall graphic designs don’t matter if the installation goes awry. Today’s post spotlights 3 of the most common wall graphic errors that our professional installation service prevents.

Mistake #1: Choosing The Wrong Surfac-e For Your Wall Graphic Installation

Poor installation site selection can reduce your wall graphics’ lifespan to a fraction of what it should be.

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to installing wall graphics, smoother surfaces are always better. Too much surface texture will disrupt adhesion by creating a situation where only the “high points” of the wall (e.g. the bumps in your texture wall) stick to the graphic. Of course, it ultimately depends on the product you’ve chosen; for instance, textured surfaces are especially problematic for wall graphics laminated with mastiff overlaminate (e.g. graffiti-resistance wall graphic overlaminates), since these cannot conform to even slight wall texture.

Be careful if you plan to apply your wall graphics to painted surfaces. The following paints should be avoided:

  • Flat or matte paint has a porous texture that holds dirt, creates air pockets, and makes it harder for wall graphics to adhere
  • Satin or low-luster paints are less porous than flat or matte alternatives, but the matting agents they contain can disrupt wall graphic adhesion
  • Paints with “migratory agents,” such as chlorinated waxes and silicones, will disrupt wall graphic adhesion
  • Oil alkyd primers and enamels adversely affect wall graphic adhesion

Additionally, while it may seem like the perfect “cover-up,” you generally want to avoid placing wall graphics over damaged wall sections. Loose wallboard joints, holes, chipped/flaking/peeling paint, water-damaged drywall, and unsecure wallpaper are all bad choices for your wall graphic installation.

When in doubt, get in touch with our wall graphic experts. Whether you’re a Baltimore local or one of our growing roster of out-of-state clients, we can help you find the perfect spot to display your graphic.

Mistake #2: Failing To Prepare The Surface For Your Wall Graphic Installation

Even if you’ve chosen a perfectly smooth surface, proper preparation is essential. As the old saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and that’s absolutely the case when it comes to wall graphic installation.

Fortunately, installation site preparation is pretty easy:

  • Ensure wall paint is fully dried and cured
  • Complete any wall repairs that may be needed
  • Thoroughly clean the wall surface, making sure your cleaning cloth is free of any harmful residues and cleaning agents
  • Immediately prior to your installation, use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to thoroughly remove all dust

Mistake #3: Attempting Your Wall Graphic Installation At The Wrong Time Of Day

Extreme heat may interfere with your wall graphic adhesion, so if you live in a particularly sunny spot, make sure to time your installation during the cooler evening hours. This will also give the adhesive enough time to cure.

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Baltimore Signs & Graphics is a leading provider of custom wall graphics and installation services throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas, including White Marsh, Middle River, Towson, Mays Chapel, Essex, Ferndale, and beyond. Our shop is located at 23 Fontana Lane #104 in Rosedale, Maryland, but remote wall graphic design consultations and manufacturing services are available for clients nationwide.

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