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Building Signage 101: Buyer’s Guide To Popular Exterior Sign Types

Aug 24,2020

Building Signage 101: Buyer's Guide To Popular Exterior Sign Types

Today’s post touches on the value of investing in building signage, then looks at the pros and cons of two popular building signage styles in Baltimore: channel/dimensional letters and projecting signs.

Quality building signage boosts sales. A study by the San Diego School of Business found that among a sample of more than 160 local restaurants, each additional building sign increased annual sales by 4.75%. If your business does $500,000 in annual sales, that equates to about $24,000 per year!

This sales boost may be related to the effect your building signage has on brand power. Of 100,000 shoppers surveyed as part of the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study, 29% (roughly 29,000 consumers) reported that they had been drawn into an unfamiliar store based on the quality of the building signage. Additionally, 34.5% (about 34,500) indicated that they regularly made quality assumptions about brands based on their building signage.

Thus, even if you invest hand-over-fist in digital marketing, website construction, flyering, and TV ads, there’s still a huge portion of the American public judging your brand entirely by your building signage.

Popular Building Signage Styles In Baltimore, MD

Dimensional and channel letters

Channel letter signs and dimensional letters create a unique 3D “pop-out” look. Their three-dimensional nature not only makes the sign more readable, but also allows the letters to be mounted on backgrounds (e.g. brick) that simply wouldn’t work with two-dimensional designs.

Like most of our building signage, both channel and dimensional letters are completely customizable. Choose any size, shape, “font,” or color, and our team will bring your vision to life.

Channel letters can also be illuminated to stand out even more. These are one of the most popular options for big brands, franchises, and corporate headquarters in Baltimore.

Blade signs

Also known as projecting signs, blade signs are unique in that they “project” off your building at a perpendicular angle, allowing owners to target audiences approaching from different directions than forward-facing signs ever could. If you want to advertise to approaching foot traffic, blade signs are a great option. They’re also ideal for businesses with a rustic, traditional, or artisanal character, since this sign type traces its roots back centuries.

Free Building Signage Quote And Design Consultation In Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Signs & Graphics proudly serves businesses throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas, including Towson, Mays Chapel, White Marsh, Middle River, Essex, Ferndale, and beyond. Our shop is located at 23 Fontana Lane #104 in Rosedale, Maryland, but remote design consultations and manufacturing services are available for clients nationwide.

To book a free consultation and get a quote on any custom building signage design, call 410-877-6011 or book online via the Baltimore Signs & Graphics website

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