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Stand Out With Stronger Trade Show Sign Displays

Feb 26,2020

Stand Out with Stronger Trade Show Sign Displays

Today’s post runs down two quick and easy tips to help Baltimore exhibitors create better trade show sign displays that stand out and get more engagement. Read on to start exhibiting like the pros!

Leverage Digital Synergy With Trade Show Sign Displays

Modern digital signage is becoming tremendously popular among exhibitors due to its ability to display highly engaging video, audio, and photo content.

Now leading Baltimore exhibitors are discovering the benefits of creating “digital synergy” between their social media/website content and trade show signs. Since digital signage can be used to display company websites and social media feeds, owners are now able to get exponentially greater marketing value from the same advertising materials.

By displaying your social media and website content with digital signage in your trade show booth, you get all the benefits of digital sign engagements along with the added perks of familiarizing viewers with your online assets. This greatly increases online engagement, encouraging booth visitors to connect with you using these platforms, and lets you stretch your marketing budget a little further.

Thin Out To Stand Out

Two of the greatest enemies of trade show foot traffic are clutter and congestion. While first-time trade show exhibitor instincts often say the more the merrier, overdoing your trade show sign displays can do more harm than good.

These are just a few of the problems posed by clutter and congestion:

  • Unclear message–Too many signs overwhelm viewers and fragment their attention spans, making sure they never fully absorb any single message.
  • Uninviting space for visitors–Have you ever thought about stopping for a quick bite to eat, only to see the drive-thru line is way too long or the parking lot is pure chaos? You think it’s not worth it and carry on your merry way. That’s exactly what crowded trade show sign displays tell your visitors, who have limited time to see all the trade show event has to offer. If your floor space is crowded with freestanding signs, product displays, and booth tables, expect a significant decrease in visits that day.
  • Obstructing audience engagement–Crowded booths often place physical barriers between visitors and exhibitors, which decreases the rate of direct customer engagement.

Fortunately, avoiding these congestion problems is simple as thinning out your trade show sign displays–or combining multiple elements to create the same effect without all the clutter. Contact a Baltimore Signs and Graphics team member to discuss some options for combining multiple signs, reducing sign redundancies, and integrating multiple sign mediums into a sleek and cohesive system.

Free Trade Show Sign Displays In Baltimore, MD

If you’ve ever been to the Baltimore Retail Show, Baltimore Summer Expo, or any other great Maryland exhibition, chances are you’ve seen our trade show sign displays in action. That’s because Baltimore Signs and Graphics has proudly served trade show exhibitors across Baltimore, White Marsh, and the surrounding areas since day-one. And we can help you too!

Call 410-877-6011 or fill out the contact form on our website to speak with a trade show sign display expert and get a 100% free quote.

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