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Optimize Your Digital Sign Order: Avoid Sign Code Blunders In Baltimore, MD

Mar 23,2022

Optimize Your Digital Sign Order: Avoid Sign Code Blunders In Baltimore, MD

Looking to upgrade your brand image with an eye-catching digital sign? Baltimore Signs and Graphics can help you cut through the sign code confusion and get great results on your project, on-time and under budget.

To that end, today’s post highlights 7 conditions that digital sign code owners must meet in order to avoid fines and comply with Baltimore County sign code.

Read on to learn how to avoid costly digital sign code blunders, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a digital sign professional in your city.

Digital Sign Experts Keep Your Changeable Copy Signs Compliant

2021 was a breakout year for digital signs with changeable copy, as amendments to Baltimore’s zoning code greatly expanded their use. Notably, digital signs are now welcomed on canopies for institutions and historic theater buildings, whereas before they were restricted to use outside of these districts.

Despite these amendments, digital signs with changeable copy are still subject to certain restrictions, with which all business owners must comply. For example:

  • No more than 50% of the erected sign area may be devoted to changeable copy. The remaining 50% of your sign area should be used for your brand name, logo, decorative borders, and other eye-catching design elements.
  • Electronic changeable copy signs are not permitted within 250 feet of national scenic byways, as designed by the United States Department of Transportation.
  • Changeable copy must meet Baltimore sign code standards—no flashing, scrolling, blinking, or strobing.

Cut Lighting Costs And Avoid Fines With Digital Sign Illumination Experts

Digital signs must be properly lit and maintained, under threat of fine from the city.

To make your illuminated digital sign eye-catching without being an eyesore, make sure that:

  • Animated digital signs are approved by the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner. Animations and dynamic video are tough to beat as attention-grabbers, but they need to be pre-approved by the city. Our digital sign team can simplify the application process for you and help you get a quick sign-off with a quality design.
  • Digital sign lighting is reasonably confined to the face of the sign. Spillage onto neighboring properties could get you in trouble, and it ruins the “spotlight” effect that’s used to get eyes to focus on your message.
  • Digital sign lighting operates at a constant intensity. Digital signs should not flash, blink, strobe, or use oscillating or alternating lights. This often comes down to using the right bulbs and getting the wiring right, both of which our digital sign experts guarantee.
  • Digital signs are maintained. All digital signs must be kept in “a safe and presentable condition at all times through replacing defecting, missing, or damaged parts.” This is especially important for digital signs because they’re so eye-catching—thus, if your signage is in poor shape, more people will see it! If you’re concerned about digital sign upkeep, you can always leave it up to our team.

Simplify Digital Sign Code Compliance: Go Pro In Baltimore, MD

When you work with our digital sign experts, you never have to worry about meeting sign code obligations.

We’ll keep your design compliant every step of the way, without forcing you to comb through endless pages of sign code documents or constrain your creativity. If you’ve already got a design in-hand, we will suggest any changes that may be needed to keep it adherent to local sign code, and we’ll recommend lighting and installation options that are pre-approved by the city. We can even help you secure a permit for the digital sign of your choice!

To go pro and eliminate the risks of digital sign code blunders, you can:

  • Call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a digital sign code expert
  • Fill out our online contact form to request a callback from our team
  • Email with any questions
  • Drop by our digital sign shop at 23 Fontana Lane, #104 Rosedale, MD, 21237

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