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Mobile Marketing 101: Why Advertise With Car Wraps

Apr 06,2020

Mobile Marketing 101: Why Advertise With Car Wraps

Today’s post delves into the research behind the power of mobile marketing and explains why all Baltimore area business owners ought to be advertising with car wraps in 2020.


Car Wraps Turn Every Outing Into A Marketing Opportunity

Studies show that car wraps turn every commute, every highway traffic jam, and every second your car is parked in public into a valuable advertising opportunity.

In fact, research by the American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates that installing car wraps on a single vehicle can generate up to 16-million visual impressions in one year. That’s a huge opportunity for branding and promoting products and services–and if you don’t currently have car wraps on the roads of Baltimore, Maryland, it’s a huge missed opportunity!

Baltimore Marketing Budgets Go Further With Custom Car Wraps

Studies show that car wraps help Baltimore area business owners’ ad bucks go further.

Here’s how the value of car wraps added up in a recent study commissioned by the 3M Graphics Market Center:

  • Television advertisements cost per thousand impressions = $23.70
  • Magazine advertisements cost per thousand impressions = $21.46
  • Newspaper advertisements cost per thousand impressions = $19.70
  • Prime-time television advertisements cost per thousand impressions = $18.15
  • Radio advertisements cost per thousand impressions = $7.75
  • Outdoor sign advertisements cost per thousand impressions = $3.65
  • Car wraps / fleet graphics cost per thousand impressions = $0.48

Research shows that car wraps are the #1 most cost-effective advertising option available to Baltimore area business owners. Generating 1000 impressions with car wraps costs 49-times less than it would to generate those same impressions with television ads. Clearly, if your goal is to get the most out of your marketing budget, car wraps are the natural choice.

How can car wraps help in increasing brand visibility?

With so many different signs and advertisements competing for your readers’ attention, it’s little wonder that we all walk around with such heavy “content filters.” The average Baltimore, Maryland consumer might tune out as many as 75% of all the advertisements they encounter in a given day, which forces businesses to pour money into their marketing budget for subpar results.

But car wraps are different. In a study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), car wraps were found to produce disproportionately strong brand recall compared to other ad types, with 9 out of 10 people able to recall the promotional message of truck ads in one study days after seeing them. Clearly, if strong branding is your goal, car wraps are the answer!

Car Wraps Break Brands Free Of Brick-and-Mortar Limitations

Even the best Baltimore area business location won’t get their signs seen by everyone in Maryland. This is just the reality of brick-and-mortar business advertising limitations: not everyone will venture into your local area, which means not everyone sees your static signage.

And that’s just another reason why car wraps are such powerful tools. Car wraps break your brand free of these local limitations and take your message on the road, exposing new audiences to your business. This is especially valuable if you’ve hit a point of diminishing returns on your local advertising.

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