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How To Order Restaurant Signs In Baltimore, MD: What’s Best For My Business?

Dec 03,2021

How to Order Restaurant Signs in Baltimore, MD: What’s Best for My Business?

Today’s post explains how to get started creating your very own restaurant sign system in Baltimore, MD. Read on or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a restaurant sign specialist near you.

What Restaurant Signs Do I Need For My Business?

More often than not, designing restaurant sign systems is more art than science—just like preparing a gourmet feast for a table full of picky eaters. Sure, you might use the same ingredients to cook for a crowd, but every dish will be different, because every gourmand has different tastes.

Likewise, because every restaurant is unique, and every business sets their sights on a different target audience, no two restaurant sign systems will be exactly alike, even if they share a few of the same “ingredients.”

For these reasons, there is no simple answer to the question of what restaurant signs you’ll need. As reported by the International Sign Association, restaurant sign systems can range “from simple to complex… with costs ranging from a few hundreds dollars well into the thousands.”

Some restaurants get by with one or simple simple signs—perhaps a single pylon sign at roadside and a business sign above the door—while others go all-out with high-tech, multi-part restaurant sign systems that work together with online assets to engage, inform, and convert local audiences.

The truth is, as long as your restaurant sign system fulfills the four primary functions of signage—building brand awareness, enticing customers to visit your store, simplifying wayfinding, and boosting impulse purchase—you don’t have to worry about having some arbitrary number of signs on your property. Think quality, not quantity.

If you’re not sure where to begin ordering your restaurant sign system, get in touch with our team. We start every consultation with a personalized needs assessment, during which we’ll help you identify your marketing goals, target audience, sign code responsibilities, and optimal sign sites, then create a shortlist of recommendations.

In the meantime, to give you an idea of what’s possible for your restaurant sign system, here’s a few ways we helped Baltimore’s restaurateurs look their best inn 2020-2021:

1.   Engage local drivers with roadside restaurant signs

How to Order Restaurant Signs in Baltimore, MD: What’s Best for My Business?How to Order Restaurant Signs in Baltimore, MD: What’s Best for My Business?

Whether you want an eye-grabbing, larger-than-life pylon sign, or a budget-friendly flag or A-frame, Baltimore Signs and Graphics has everything you need to safely communicate your restaurants’ marketing messages to passing drivers.

2.   Boost branding and wayfinding outcomes with illuminated restaurant signs

If your restaurant operates after dark, illuminated restaurant signs are one of the best ways to boost local marketing outcomes and put any wayfinding problems to rest.

How to Order Restaurant Signs in Baltimore, MD: What’s Best for My Business?Check out this retro-inspired neon restaurant sign we custom-built for the Heritage Smokehouse in Baltimore, MD.

3.   Enhance your restaurant sign system with “mobile billboards”

How to Order Restaurant Signs in Baltimore, MD: What’s Best for My Business?

On-premise restaurant signs are essential for local branding, wayfinding and on-site sales promotion, but if you want to increase your marketing reach and transform every food delivery into an advertising opportunity, consider adding vehicle wraps and graphics to your restaurant sign system. We can work with any design and vehicle type, whether you’ve got a modest commuter car or a fully-stocked food truck.

How To Order Restaurant Signs In Baltimore, MD

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