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How Do Vehicle Graphics Hold Up In Baltimore Weather?

Jul 31,2020

How Do Vehicle Graphics Hold Up In Baltimore Weather?

How do vehicle graphics fare in the worst of Baltimore, Maryland weather? You asked, so we answered. Read on to learn all about our weather-resistant vehicle graphics or call 410-877-6011 for free quotes.

Baltimore, Maryland Turns Up The Heat On Custom Vehicle Graphics

The summer of 2020 is going to be a hot one, according to reports by CBS Baltimore.

“It’s going to be hot and humid,” warned meteorologist Tim Williams in a post from early July. “The hottest normal high of the summer is 87 degrees, but the next five days are forecasted to be around 90.”

And in many cases, Baltimore’s heat index will make it feel like it’s closer to 100 degrees.

With the “dog days of summer” still to come, and plenty of thunderstorms slated for later in the month, Baltimore weather has left some people wondering if their vehicle graphics will hold up in all the heat and rain.

The short answer is yes—Baltimore Signs & Graphics carries only the best vehicle graphics, which can stand up to the worst weather Maryland has to offer—but there’s more to know.

How Do Vehicle Graphics Hold Up In Baltimore Weather?

Like almost everything, vehicle graphics do not thrive under extreme heat, wet, or excessive exposure to UV rays. But that’s not to say they “don’t hold up.” With proper care and a little common sense, vehicle graphics can stand up to the worst of Baltimore weather and still live out their full product lifetime.

High Heat And Uv Exposure Versus Vehicle Graphics

The majority of vehicle graphics are rated for use in temperatures of up to 107°, which far exceeds Baltimore’s hottest days. According to CBS Baltimore, Maryland registered one of its hottest days ever recorded in October 2019 with a high temperature of 98°—still a far cry from the 107° limit.

The only real problem with high heat occurs during the installation phase, which you never have to worry about. We keep our shops at precisely the right temperatures for optimal installation and guarantee great results.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause vehicle graphics to fade over time, but only in extreme circumstances. Make an effort to park in shade on blazing-hot days and store your vehicle in a temperature-controlled garage if possible. That said, Baltimore Signs & Graphics buyers don’t really need to worry—we use the highest quality 3M vinyl, which is finished with UV coating designed to repel harmful rays and protect the color of your wrap.

Heavy Rains Versus Vehicle Graphics

Excessive exposure to rain, snow, or dust can damage vehicle graphics, but only if you make habits of driving in terrible conditions and neglecting wrap maintenance. That doesn’t mean hours of grueling work to keep your wrap in shape, either—a quick cleaning and wipe-down after particularly heavy exposure to contaminants is really all it takes.

Explore Custom Vehicle Graphics And Get A Free Quote In Baltimore, MD

Call 410-877-6011 or visit the Baltimore Signs & Graphics website to start a consultation with our vehicle graphics experts and get a free quote on our durable, weather-resistant, high-quality products today!

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