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Get Great Results With Sign Installation Experts In Baltimore, MD

Jul 30,2021

Most DIY sign installations aren’t worth the risks. To guarantee great results on your next custom sign order, partner with our sign installation experts in Baltimore, Maryland.

Read on to learn more, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with our sign installation experts in Baltimore, Maryland.

DIY Sign Installation Isn’t Worth The Risk—Or The Expense!

While sign installation might cost a bit upfront, the money you save doing-it-yourself often isn’t worth the risks, which include:

  • Poor installation results. Off-kilter hanging signs; wrinkled window graphics; inefficient lighted signs; hard-to-spot monument signs—however your DIY sign installation went wrong, one thing’s for sure: you’re doing your signs a disservice. Why go to the trouble of creating a beautiful bespoke sign design if your audience is going to be distracted by glaring installation errors?

    It’s not just that poor installation makes your signs harder to spot, which makes your business harder to find; poor sign installation can actually hurt your brand image, as audiences will use your business signs as inferential cues when forming first impressions about your brand. Don’t let sign installation errors be your brand’s silent spokesperson.

  • Safety hazards. Unqualified DIY sign installations increase the risks of injury due to tripping, overhead hazards, falling objects, and, in the case of lighted or digital signs, electrification. To keep yourself, your customers, and your coworkers safe, it makes sense to invest in professional sign installation.
  • Sign code violations. Aside from a small list of exemptions, all business signs in Baltimore, Maryland must comply with the sign installation standards stipulated in the Code of Ordinances. Non-compliance will cost you. Not only will you potentially have to pay a penalty, but you could also be liable for any damages or injury resulting from the improper installation. In some cases, sign code violations can also result in misdemeanor charges.

With all the risks of DIY sign installation in mind, it’s clear that installation services are an investment, not an expense. And more often than not, except in the case of heavy-duty projects, we include sign installation at no additional charge.

All that being said, some simpler sign types, such as A-frames and banners being used as runners or tablecloths, do not require professional sign installation. So if you’d rather do it yourself, you can always ask our sign specialists about some DIY-friendly options.

Get Great Results With Sign Installation Experts In Baltimore, Maryland

Our sign installation experts have experience with all sign types, and we’ve got the skills and equipment to tackle any sign installation, no matter how tall a task.

For instance, back in April, PrimeSource in Aberdeen, MD contacted our sign installation team to hang their warehouse barcoding signage, which would be elevated 22’ and suspended by cables on a ½” conduit. This sign installation required significant planning and equipment, including a 45’ man lift, but our team took care of it with ease!

No matter the ask, our sign installation team is up to the task!

                     No matter the ask, our sign installation team is up to the task!

To get a free quote on your next sign installation, call (410)-877-6011 or visit the Baltimore Signs and Graphics website to schedule a consultation.

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