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Channel Letter Sign Lighting Tips: Cut Costs And Fight Light Pollution

Jun 21,2021

Channel Letter Sign Lighting Tips: Cut Costs and Fight Light Pollution

Today’s post highlights the risks and hidden costs of channel letter sign light pollution, then explains how to steer clear with the help of our channel letter sign specialists in Baltimore, Maryland.

Read on or call 410-877-6011 to speak directly with a channel letter sign specialist in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Risks Of Channel Letter Sign Light Pollution In Baltimore, MD

What is channel letter sign light pollution, exactly, and why is it so bad for business?

Broadly speaking, the term light pollution refers to any type of obtrusive and stray light that is either too bright or shining where it’s not wanted.

In one study by the Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society, author Philip Garvey describes three kinds of light pollution that pertain to channel letter signs:

  1. Sky glow, which is defined as “the added sky brightness caused by the scattering of electric light into the atmosphere, particularly from outdoor lighting in urban areas,” and is typically caused by either light directed above the horizontal plane (e.g. uplight) or by light reflected upward from surfaces.
  2. Light trespass, which refers to any encroaching of light “causing annoyance, loss of privacy, or other nuisance.”
  3. Glare, which is “the sensation produced by luminance within the visual field that is sufficiently greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted, causing annoyance, discomfort or loss in visual performance and visibility.”

All three kinds of channel letter sign light pollution are bad for business, with the effects of sky glow, light trespass, and glare ranging from nuisance to downright noisome, potentially even souring viewers on your brand, according to new research on how signage affects first impressions.

Over-illuminated signs are also expensive and energy-intensive, and with lighting accounting for about 40% of commercial electricity use, that’s the last thing most businesses need.

What’s more, channel letter sign light pollution can even expose your business to fines. According to Section 450.6 of Baltimore’s zoning regulations:

  1. The light emanating or reflecting form, or projecting onto, a sign shall be shaded, shielded, or directed so that its intensity does not cause a glare or similar adverse effect on neighboring properties, highways, or parking areas.

  2. Projected illumination must be reasonably confined to the face of the sign.

  3. All elements illuminating a sign shall operate at a constant intensity so that no sign has the appearance of movement or of being illuminated by flashing, blinking, strobing, oscillating or alternating lights.

Failure to meet these lighting requirements could result in fines, as well as the additional costs of channel letter sign remediation.

But with Baltimore Signs and Graphics, you don’t have to worry!

Get Perfect Results With Channel Letter Sign Lighting In Baltimore, MD

Not only do we offer an unparalleled selection of channel letter sign options, including a range of high-quality materials and lighting options, plus practically limitless design potential—we’re also Baltimore’s trusted channel letter sign code specialists. That means we can help you with channel letter sign permitting, installation, and design/lighting compliance, so you never have to worry about creating light pollution or paying extra for off-putting over-illumination.

To get expert guidance and a free quote on your next channel letter sign order, call 410-877-6011 or request a consultation online.

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