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Best Practices For Wall And Window Graphics Design In 2020

Jan 31,2020

Best Practices For Wall And Window Graphics Design In 2020

What is Wall And Window Graphics?

Windows and walls are prime real estate for any business. With the right wall and window graphics design, you can transform these blank building features into your personal, on-premise billboards.

But finding the right wall and window graphics design is easier said than done, and the stakes are high. Depending on your company’s size and location, wall and window graphics can generate thousands of impressions per day, which means they’ll influence your brand image one way or another. That means bad wall and window graphic designs can do more harm than good. Moreover, certain cities’ sign by-laws dictate guidelines that wall and window graphic designs must follow. Violations could result in fines or having to redo your design, effectively making you pay double!

For these reasons, it’s critical that your wall and window graphic design adheres to certain best practices. Fortunately, contrary to the old saying, you can buy talent–just call us. Proclaim your brand message, enhance privacy, and personalize your space with custom designs from Baltimore Signs and Graphics. Call [number] to set up a free consultation in Baltimore, MD.

Not from Baltimore, MD or the surrounding areas? We still want to help, so we’ve gathered some wall and window graphic design tips you can use to make sure you’re working with the best. Familiarize yourself with following best practices to make a smarter wall and window graphics design purchase in 2020.

Best Practices For Wall And Window Graphics Design

  • Function dictates design specs. While you can customize your graphic however you please, your graphic materials and type should be chosen based on how you intend to use it. For example, if you want your window design to grab the eyes of passersby, add privacy, and provide relief from sunlight, but still allow you to see through, you’ll want a perforated window decal. Though the graphic design could be the exact same, an opaque decal would not accomplish all these goals. Choose wisely–and make sure your wall and window graphic designer is taking this into consideration!
  • Contrast is key. No matter what your design vision, your graphic consultant should be nudging towards something that lays your message out in high contrast. Contrast is key for readability, especially at long distances or in passing glances. This is especially true for stand-alone text on clear decals or window clings. White is usually recommended because it provides such high contrast with the surroundings. Black lettering does not work well in this context, but it’s a great choice in well-lit indoor areas.
  • Size letters properly. Next to contrast, font size and style have the biggest impact on your graphic’s readability. As a rule of thumb, bigger is better, since this increases the effective range of your message. And remember: you get about 100 feet of visibility for every 2 inches of character size you add. So 2-inch letters are visible at 100 feet and 10-inch letters can be read at 500 feet. Make sure your provider is following similar guidelines.

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