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4 Tips To Enhance The Power Of Promotional Business Signs

Mar 31,2020

4 Tips To Enhance The Power Of Promotional Business Signs

Promotional business signs are valuable marketing assets that inform Baltimore, Maryland locals about your products, services, and sales. Today’s post shares 4 tips to enhance your promotional power!

Harness The Promotional Business Sign Power Of White Space

The term “white space” is used to refer to any empty space on your sign that is not covered by text or graphics. The empty space does not actually need to be white (the term negative space is sometimes used)–it just needs to be empty!

Sign research suggests that 30-40% of your promotional business signs’ face should qualify as “white space” to optimize readability. Truly, sometimes less is more!

Failing to include sufficient white space makes your promotional business sign look cluttered, dense, and difficult to read. For best results, your promotional business signs should look like they can be read at-a-glance (even if they require 3-4 seconds of active reading to fully absorb), and leaving less than 30% white space does the opposite!


That headline sure was abrasive, wasn’t it? Did it feel like we were YELLING IN YOUR FACE?

Unfortunately, that’s sometimes what happens when you’re writing in “ALL CAPS.” Some people think writing exclusively in capital letters makes signs easier to read, but we disagree. And so do researchers at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, who found that a mix of upper-and-lower-case text is more legible.

You may want to capitalize a few key words to make them stand out, but avoid “sign shouting” where possible!

The Best Promotional Business Signs In Baltimore Area Are Clearly Branded

It should be quite obvious which brand is responsible for the promotional business sign you’re looking at. While it’s true that promotional business signs focus more on driving sales than building brand recognition, this is a situation where you can have your cake and eat it, too!

There’s really no reason not to clearly brand your signage in this situation. After all, if you could turn every promotional sign into bonus branding materials, why wouldn’t you? It’s often as simple as matching your promotional business sign colors with your brand’s palette; indeed, up to 80% of brand recognition of trademarks is due to color, according to a study performed by the University of Loyola, Maryland. You can also include the same fonts or logos that appear in your main store signs.

Bring Your Promotional Business Signs To Life With Stunning Graphics

While you should always be mindful not to overcrowd your sign design, adding a logo or graphic to your promotional business sign communicates emotion, ideas, and excitement in ways that words can’t match. It’s like that old saying, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

And whether you’re trying to recreate or update existing brand graphics or design something stunning from scratch, Baltimore Signs and Graphics’ talented in-house team is standing by to bring your vision to life!

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