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4 Prohibited Storefront Sign Designs And Installation Violations In Baltimore, MD

Dec 07,2020

4 Prohibited Storefront Sign Designs And Installation Violations In Baltimore, MD

Like most permanent signs, all storefront sign designs in Baltimore, Maryland must comply with the design standards detailed in the Code of Ordinances. Today’s post explains the importance of following these sign standards, both to protect our communities and save business owners money, and shares 4 prohibited sign designs to avoid at all costs.

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Storefront Sign Compliance Matters In Baltimore, MD

While sign ordinances might sometimes seem excessively bureaucratic, they play an important role in keeping communities safe and preserving Baltimore’s distinct character.

In the November 19th, 2018 amendments to the City of Baltimore’s sign code, the city council described the “purposes and intent of the enactment” of their storefront sign design standards as follows:

  • To protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the people in Baltimore, MD
  • To provide safe operating conditions for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, without unnecessary and unsafe distractions to drivers or pedestrians
  • To maintain an aesthetically attractive city

You can find the full list under section 17-101(c) of the Baltimore Code of Ordinances. But if these reasons don’t sway you, just remember: non-compliance costs you. Not only will you potentially have to pay a fine, but you’ll also need to cover the costs of a redesign. Much better to begin your design fully apprised of all relevant sign design standards, so you can avoid the cost of backtracking and get it right from the start.

That’s where we come in. Even if you have a finished design in-hand, or a strong design vision in mind, it’s a good idea to confer with our storefront sign design specialists to make sure it’s within the law. The following list of prohibited storefront sign designs should help get you started, and then we’re only a phone call away!

4 Prohibited Storefront Sign Designs/installations In Baltimore, MD

Avoid these costly storefront sign design errors, detailed in the Maryland Code of Ordinances:

  • Overlong projecting signs—”A projecting sign may not extend horizontally more than four feet from the wall to which it is attached,” states the Code of Ordinances. Business owners get additional length allowances if the projecting storefront sign is attached to a corner lot at an angle that approximately bisects the angle of the corner, or if it is the only sign on the building.
  • Official sign imitators— “No sign may imitate or resemble a sign or signal erected by a governmental entity,” states section 450.6(a). This includes any traffic signs, as well as other governmental signage.
  • Moving parts—With the exception of outdoor storefront signs with tri-vision, changeable copy, thermometers, barometers, weather vanes, barber poles, or clocks, storefront signs may not contain any moving parts.
  • Unlawful illumination—Illuminated storefront signs must be shaded, shielded, or directed so that their intensity does not cause glare or similar adverse effects on neighboring properties, highways, or parking areas. In other words, your storefront sign’s projected illumination must be “reasonably confined to the face of the sign.” Additionally, with the exception of changeable copy signs, all illuminated storefront signs must operate at a constant intensity—no blinking, flashing, strobing, oscillating, or alternating lights allowed!

Free Quote On 100% Compliant Storefront Signs In Baltimore, MD

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