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Vinyl Lettering FAQ: Common Questions From Baltimore Buyers

Sep 11,2020

Vinyl Lettering FAQ: Common Questions From Baltimore Buyers

You’ve got vinyl lettering questions; we’ve got answers. Read on to learn what Baltimore buyers ask most often about our custom vinyl lettering, or call 410-877-6011 to start a free consultation straight away.

What Is Vinyl Lettering?

Vinyl lettering spells out custom messages in glossy, eye-catching text made from durable vinyl material. Vinyl lettering comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, cuts, colors, and typeface options, making it suitable for almost any professional or decorative application.

Vinyl lettering is individually cut, not printed, which means there will not be any background material between the letters. This makes it a great option for businesses who want to transform their unused window space into high-performance billboards, without blocking the view or natural light.

Is Vinyl Lettering Installed On The Inside Or Outside Of The Window?

That’s entirely up to you. At Baltimore Signs & Graphics, we carry both standard and reverse cut (i.e. indoor vinyl lettering) options, along with vinyl lettering options for walls, floors, elevator, and more.

How Long Will My Vinyl Lettering Order Take?

Vinyl lettering projects typically take 1-4 working days from first consultation to final installation. Get in touch with our team for an exact timeline or to discuss urgent delivery.

Do I Have To Install Vinyl Lettering Myself?

Though vinyl lettering installations are manageable for just about anyone, we offer full installation support for all sign products. Whether you’d like some pro tips, or you’d rather leave the installation to the experts, we’ve got you covered.

Is Vinyl Lettering Suitable For Outdoor Use?

Yes! Baltimore Signs & Graphics only uses the very best vinyl lettering products, which are rated for multiple years of outdoor use, even in the worst of Maryland weather.

For best results, we recommend following our maintenance tips for vinyl lettering, or setting up a maintenance service schedule with our team.

Can I Install Vinyl Lettering On My Vehicle?

Yes! Vinyl lettering is a popular option for vehicle advertising and fleet branding. Vinyl lettering will not damage your vehicle’s paint or bodywork.

Can I Customize Vinyl Lettering?

Yes, and you’re really only limited by your imagination! Whatever you dream up, our talented in-house design team can bring to life in stunning high resolution and full color. We also carry a large selection of templates and proven fonts you can use to jumpstart your design idea. For more complex designs with logos and images, you might be interested in our selection of vinyl graphics, murals, and wraps.

Free Quote On Custom Vinyl Lettering In Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Signs & Graphics is a leading provider of custom vinyl lettering for business owners and private buyers throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Call 410-877-6011 or visit the Baltimore Signs and Graphics website to book a consultation and get a free quote on custom vinyl lettering today.

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