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Tell Your Brand Story Through Custom Business Signs In Baltimore, MD

Aug 31,2020

Tell Your Brand Story Through Custom Business Signs in Baltimore, MD

Today’s post shares Baltimore business sign success stories that show it’s never too late to reinvent your brand image with evocative designs. Read on or call 410-877-6011 for a free business sign quote.

It’s Never Too Late To Update Your Business Signs

Too many business owners feel their brand logos and visual assets are set in stone from the moment they’re put into play. But that really couldn’t be further from the truth, as evidenced by the thousands of successful corporate rebrands that occur each year.

For instance, we can look at the late Steve Jobs, whose decision to change Apple’s logo from a rainbow-colored design to a sleek, tech-relevant metallic aesthetic in 1997 bore fruit. Today, Apple’s logo is much more closely aligned with the company’s brand of minimalist, contemporary products, and while the logo change isn’t the only factor in their success, it certainly helped!

In one study commissioned by the University of Cincinnati’s Economic Center, roughly 60% of participating businesses reported that changing their business sign design had a positive impact on sales, total number of transactions, and gross profit, with an average increase of about 10%.

And maybe you don’t even need to change your logo—a simple business sign refresher might be all you need. Bringing your classic logo into 2020 with modern materials, vibrant colors, and lighting is easy, and we can help with that too.

How To Telling Baltimore Brand Stories With Custom Business Signs?

Last month, the Vinson Animal Hospital contacted our team for help creating an eye-catching LED-lighted cabinet sign to advertise their business at roadside.

Working closely with the client, we created a custom logo featuring a stylized dog and cat curled together in a cuddly, back-to-back sitting position. This logo captured the heart of the business—animal lovers who “had the backs” of Baltimore’s pet population—and continues to catch the eyes of passing drivers by the thousands every day. This sign provides the perfect example of how you can “tell your brand story” with a single graphic, conveying both your core service and values at-a-glance.

Tell Your Brand Story Through Custom Business Signs in Baltimore, MD

Though they work in an entirely separate industry, and they needed to convey something totally different, New Wave Martial Arts requested a custom business sign that could tell their brand’s story, and our team delivered.

Tell Your Brand Story Through Custom Business Signs in Baltimore, MD

This stunning karate studio sign was custom-made completely in-house. The main feature, a red-colored silhouette of a karate master throwing a beautiful high-kick, complete with gi and knotted belt, perfectly conveys New Wave’s technical training style and traditional martial arts values. The red-and-blue colors also speak further about the “hot and cold” elements of martial arts training (think yin and yang), and make for an eye-catching outdoor sign design.

Book A Free Business Sign Quote In Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Signs & Graphics is a trusted business sign provider with a proven track record throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas, including Essex, White Marsh, Towson, Mays Chapel, Ferndale,  Middle River, and beyond.

Our shop is located at 23 Fontana Lane #104 in Rosedale, Maryland, but remote building sign design consultations and manufacturing services are available for clients nationwide.

Call 410-877-6011 or book online via the Baltimore Signs & Graphics website to get a free quote on custom business sign design and installation.

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