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Top 3 Storefront Sign Mistakes Costing You Sales In 2020

Feb 28,2020

Top 3 Storefront Sign Mistakes Costing You Sales In 2020

Are you storefront signs underperforming? Today’s post shares the most common design mistakes we see costing clients sales in Baltimore, White Marsh, and the surrounding areas.

Missing The Color Connection

Top 3 Storefront Sign Mistakes Costing You Sales in 2020

Color is a powerful tool for storefront sign design that’s often left untapped. Colors evoke different emotions in viewers. Choosing the right colors lets you evoke feelings and emotions that complement your brand image. For instance, browns and greens work great for all-natural, organic, or eco-friendly brands; “passionate” reds are great for fast food restaurants; and gold, silver, and other metallics work best for luxury brands, high-tech businesses, and white collar companies.

Don’t reduce your color choice to a matter of personal preference–ask a Baltimore Signs and Graphics expert how to start using color to connect with more customers.

Neglecting Baltimore Sign Laws

Have you read up on the  Zoning Code of Baltimore City lately? This exhaustive 507-page document details every single sign stipulation and restriction that pertains to Baltimore storefront signs. And ignorance of the law is no excuse–if you violate Baltimore’s zoning code, expect to pay the price. That means fines as well as the costs involved in redesigning your sign.

Don’t worry–we can help. Our team knows the law so you don’t have to!

Failing To Spot Seasonal Obstructions

Imagine spending hours locating the perfect spot to showcase your brand new storefront signs. The installation goes great, people are loving your new sign, and you enjoy a nice sales bump over the winter months. But then the snow melts, spring rolls in, and… now there’s a huge tree blocking your storefront sign!

It’s a true face-palm moment, but it happens more than you might think. Failing to spot seasonal obstructions, like foliage that disappears during the winter months, is actually pretty common. We get plenty of re-installation requests from clients in this predicament.

Once you’ve made this mistake, you probably won’t make it again. But why not skip the painful lesson altogether? Remember: always consider every potential installation spot with a “year-round” perspective. Post and panel signs can be buried when snow plows clear the roads; hanging signs might disappear into the sun on bright summer days; and vinyl decals might not stay put on windows that take on major frost through the winter.

You should also factor seasonal changes into your design. For instance, storefront signs that use a “fall palette” of deep reds, orange, and brown might get lost during the fall months.

Free Storefront Sign Quotes In Baltimore, MD

When’s the last time you toured through Baltimore’s retail district?

If you’ve spent any time shopping in Baltimore, White Marsh, and the surrounding areas, chances are you’ve seen our storefront signs on display. That’s because we’ve been delivering quality storefront signs to businesses of all sizes throughout Baltimore since we opened for business. And we can do the same for you.

Call 410-877-6011 or fill out the contact form on our website to speak with a storefront sign expert and get a 100% free quote.


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