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How To Build Big Brand Authority With A Sign Expert In Baltimore, MD

Mar 10,2023

How To Build Big Brand Authority With A Sign Expert In Baltimore, MD

While business signs play an important role in wayfinding, they don’t just show readers where you are; they also show them who you are. And not just literally, by spelling out your name or service, but also more figuratively, conveying your company’s quality, style, and attention to detail through design and manufacturing choices.

In fact, nearly half (41.5%) of respondents to the American Shopper Study said they regularly make quality assumptions about businesses based on their signage; 85% said sign designs and materials “convey the character or personality” of the advertiser; and 75% said they notice business signs before anything else.

With so much at stake, it’s a good idea to get help from a professional. And whether your sign needs a cleaning, a facelift, or a full-on replacement, our sign experts are standing by to help you convey quality at first sight.

Read on to learn a few ways we help our clients build big brand authority, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with a local sign expert in Baltimore, MD.

Leverage Premium Materials And Quality Workmanship From Local Sign Experts

In the words of graphic design luminary Milton Glaser, “the logo is the gateway to the brand,” but materials and workmanship matter, too.

At Baltimore Signs & Graphics, we help clients ace each of these quality indicators, collaborating on sign designs in-house and bringing them to life with:

  • High-quality materials, like our premium-grade vinyl and durable, long-lasting acrylic to represent your brand standards and keep your sign looking great for longer
  • High-resolution images, with sharp, consistent, and repeatable image quality delivered at a stunning 1200 dpi resolution, courtesy of the Cadillac of Printers, the HP 365 Latex printer
  • Eye-catching colors and perfect color-matching, thanks to the power of our in-house spectrophotometer
  • A wide selection of stylish and neutral finishes to enhance your design and protect against UV rays, graffiti, and weathering
  • Flawless installation, using premium mounting hardware and minimally-invasive techniques for seamless architectural integration
  • Impressive tooling, with clean cuts in any shape or style, perfect fits, and the option for special texture tooling to simulate etched glass, granite, woodgrains, and more

To see some of our signs for yourself, check out our online gallery or call (410)-877-6011 to find out where you can find some recent projects in person.

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