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Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl Wraps: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Jun 04,2021

Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl Wraps: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Are you looking to order new vinyl wraps or rebrand your fleet vehicles? Ask the following 5 questions before you buy to make sure your fleet vehicles are in good hands!

Read on or call 410-877-6011 to speak directly with a vinyl wrap specialist in Baltimore, Maryland.

1. What Kinds Of Vehicles Are Suitable For Vinyl Wraps?

Real vinyl wrap pros won’t hesitate to tell you what’s possible—and what isn’t.

At Baltimore Signs and Graphics, we can wrap just about anything with sufficiently smooth and clean surfaces, from older cars to brand new fleet vehicles, like buses and trucks, and even boat-floats!

Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl Wraps: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

You can wrap just about anything at Baltimore Signs and Graphics!

That said, there are some things you shouldn’t wrap, such as:

  • Any areas with soft, rubbery materials, such as window mouldings or seals—instead, we prefer to trim to your vinyl wrap to the edge of these panels
  • Any unpainted or plastic body parts, such as bump strips, door handle areas, and plastic bumpers
  • Any areas with significant surface texture

2.  What Types Of Vinyl Are Available For My Fleet Branding?

Don’t settle for shops with limited selection.

At Baltimore Signs and Graphics, your options are practically limitless. For example, our 3M Print Wrap Film Series 1080 comes in more than 100 colors and several different varieties, including brushed, carbon fibre, matte, satin, and gloss. And the number of options available to you becomes exponentially greater when you consider layering different colors and finishes to create custom combinations.

3.  How Long Does It Take To Design And Install Vinyl Wraps For Fleets?

When it comes to vehicle wrap marketing, timing is everything. Production delays can be disastrous, with every wasted day reducing the reach and effectiveness of limited-time promotional campaigns.

Since we offer custom design, printing, and installation services under one roof, your project is free from delays related to outsourcing. Most vinyl wrap and fleet rebranding projects can be completed in a few days’ time.

4.  Can You Repair Or Add-On To Existing Vinyl Wraps?

This simple question can help you spot amateur vinyl wrap shops and assess their color-matching capabilities in seconds.

At Baltimore Signs and Graphics, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, we specialize in fleet rebranding, repairs, and overhauls, and we’ve been investing in superior materials and color-matching technology since day one.

But don’t take our word for it—check out this recent repair completed on one of ServPro’s branded fleet vehicles just last month:

Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl Wraps: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

When ServPro first contacted our team, they made one thing very clear: perfect color matching is a must. After all, an imperfect match would stick out like a sore thumb on their signature lime-green vehicle, creating an undesirable “patchwork” effect. No simple task, given the brand’s unique palette, but nothing we couldn’t handle!

As soon as the consultation wrapped up, our team leapt straight into action. Using cutting edge equipment, including i1 Spectrophotometer & Profiling Software and our state-of-the-art HP 365 Latex printer, we found the perfect match, and the results speak for themselves.

Can you spot the repair? Take your time—you’ll need it!

5.  Do You Have Any Previous Vinyl Wrap Projects For Me To See?

Any vinyl wrap shop worth their salt will have plenty of success stories under their belts.

Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl Wraps: 5 Questions to Ask Before You BuyBeginner’s Guide to Vinyl Wraps: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

            Find more vinyl wrap results like these on our Facebook page.

To browse some of our previous vinyl wrap results, check our online Gallery, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or get in touch with our team at 410-877-6011.

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