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Beginner’s Guide To Monument Signs: Get More For Your Money

Feb 05,2020

Beginner's Guide To Monument Signs: Get More For Your Money

Compared to other signage, monument signs are a big investment, which is why it’s important you do it right! To that end, today’s post runs down 4 monument sign design essentials to help you get more for your money.

Baltimore Monument Sign Design Essentials

Keep It Clean And Simple.

With limitless design options available to them, many clients get caught in the paradox of choice. And more often than not, it resolves itself in the form of a design that’s overwrought, overcomplicated, over-stimulating, and over-stuffed!

Resist the urge; too many design elements will start to work against you. Remember, like da Vinci said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Not only does a clean and simple design look better, but it’s also much easier to read, especially from afar, which is the reason you installed it in the first place!

Choose smart, sensible fonts that are easy to read. Don’t go crazy with ten different colors. And show some tasteful restraint with any images–or image, as you rarely need more than one.

Build A High-Contrast Palette.

If you’re not constrained by preexisting brand colors, strive to create a palette that is high contrast without clashing in a way that looks tacky. High contrast means high visibility. Also consider the color of the surrounding area and whether it’s possible to build contrast there. Mind the natural environment as well as nearby signs. However, if you pursue the former option, make sure you consider how colors change with the seasons!

Make Your Materials Work For You.

Your budget shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your choice of monument sign materials, especially when quality sign shops will have multiple options for you to browse at every price point. Try to choose materials that complement your brand. Faux stone and masonry bases evoke strength, security, and a sense of history that ties nicely into many brand images.

Pay Attention To Local Zoning Sign Regulations.

While it’s true that modern sign shops can custom-build and design any monument sign you ask for, not all monument sign designs are legal! For instance, Baltimore City Council Bill #18-0272 states in Table 17-201: Sign Regulations that all freestanding monument signs must be under 6 feet tall with a maximum area per sign of 32 square feet. You might think bigger is better and pay an inexperienced sign shop to manufacture something outside these stipulations, only to find that you need to redo the whole project (and maybe pay a fine too!). Make sure you work with a company that is knowledgeable about all local zoning bylaws before you begin the design process. If you’re in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding areas, get in touch with our team–we’ll make sure your design is 100% compliant with the Baltimore City Department of Planning stipulations, and help you acquire any permits that may be required.

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