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4 Ways Sign Maintenance Saves (And Makes) Baltimore Businesses Money

Feb 05,2021

4 Ways Sign Maintenance Saves (And Makes) Baltimore Businesses Money

Sign maintenance is an investment, not an expense, and today’s post explains why. Read on to learn 4 ways sign maintenance saves money for business owners in Baltimore, MD, or call 410-877-6011 for a free sign maintenance service quote.

Sign Maintenance Translates To Better Brand Image In Baltimore, MD

Thanks to new research on marketing communications, we know signs often form the basis for people’s thin-slice judgements of brands. In light of that, the importance of sign maintenance is undeniable.

But did we really need empirical studies to tell us that?

After all, you wouldn’t show up to a job interview with slept-in clothes, messy hair, and broccoli in your teeth. Even if you had something great to offer your potential employer, they’d likely have trouble looking past these clear signs of neglect, this clear lack of effort, and the same is true of your signage.

Sign maintenance helps your business look its best, which leads to better thin-slice judgments, and more sales.

Sign Maintenance Protects Baltimore Businesses From Penalties

Failing to keep your signage in good condition makes your business liable for noncompliance fines, as per the City of Baltimore’s Code of Ordinances, as well as the costs of removal in extreme cases. Scheduling regular sign maintenance service eliminates the risks of these unwanted expenses, while also keeping your signs looking great.

Sign Maintenance Keeps Consumers Up To Date During COVID-19

Sign maintenance isn’t just about refreshing graphics and slapping on new coats of paint—it’s also about keeping your message up to date.

During the “new normal,” businesses are forced to stay flexible, modifying hours, in-store capacities, and pick-up policies to comply with state and federal health guidelines. And if you want to keep your business afloat during this period of change and uncertainty, it is essential that you keep your customers informed about any policy changes.

If you need solutions to quickly update your business messages during COVID-19, our sign maintenance team can help. Upgrade to a digital sign system with user-friendly software to unlock endless customization, print some easy swap-outs for your A-frames, or explore our catalog of customizable COVID-19 signs—you’ll find all that and more at our local shop, and contactless consultations are available.

Sign Maintenance Creates Opportunities For Cost-Effective Upgrades

Sign technology is constantly evolving; indeed, it seems like every year sign manufacturers find better materials, software developers add tantalizing features and analytic tools, and large-format printers power-up, all for the good of the consumer, or that of the planet, or both.

Unfortunately, some business owners mistakenly think their only opportunities to upgrade come when buying new signage. In reality, there’s plenty of opportunities to upgrade your signs during the course of your regular maintenance process, whether you want to swap in modern lighting or reface a faded display.

These are just a few of the main benefits you can unlock by leveraging new tech and upgrading certain sign components during your next maintenance service:

  • Higher resolution—Consider upgrading to mini and micro LED displays for better image quality on digital signs, or printing new graphics from our HP 365 Latex Printer for an easy sign upgrade
  • Eco-friendliness—Use modern materials made from recycled fibers, swap in energy-efficient LEDs, and feel good about our greener manufacturing processes
  • User-friendliness—Invest in modern digital sign software that make it easy to update your sign content and gather valuable analytics
  • Durability—Switch to modern sign materials that outlast products from yesterday, giving you more for your money
  • Savings—Swap modern sculpted faux stone in place of real stone for monument sign savings come repair time, or install more efficient LED bulbs to cut utility costs on your digital signs

Get A Free Quote On Sign Maintenance In Baltimore, MD

Whether your business signs need a minor facelift or a total transformation, you’ll find all the equipment, materials, and expertise you need at Baltimore Signs and Graphics. Since we build all types of signs at our shop, we can maintain any sign in Maryland, even architectural signage and electrified displays, and even those we didn’t build for you in the first place.

To get a free sign maintenance quote, call 410-877-6011 or Request a Quote on the Baltimore Signs and Graphics website. We are a locally owned business proudly serving clients throughout Baltimore and all the surrounding areas, including Towson, Severn, White Marsh, Rossville, Carney, and Ferndale.


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