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How To Create Office Sign Systems: 3 Ways To Build Branded Space

Nov 20,2021

How to Create Office Sign Systems: 3 Ways to Build Branded Space

Looking to enhance your current office sign system? We’ve got everything you need to make good impressions, build brand authority, and increase customer confidence.

Read on to learn 3 ways to build branded space using different office sign types, or call (410)-877-6011 to speak directly with an office sign expert in Baltimore, MD.

1.  Start The Customer Experience Off Right With Custom Office Signs In The Reception Area

From the moment the customer enters your place of business, they’re looking for your office signs, both to orient themselves, and to form their first impressions about your brand.

If your signage is outdated, unclear, or absent altogether, you’re missing a major branding opportunity, and your guests are being left wrong-footed, unsure whether they need to sign-in, speak to a receptionist, ring a service bell, or simply sit and wait to be called up. In extreme cases, they may even be unsure if they’ve come to the right place!

In contrast, placing custom office signs in your reception area immerses your guests in branded space and starts their visit off right. Some managers use office signs in the reception area to direct visitors towards sign-in spots, initiate the sales cycle, and provide information about next steps (e.g. COVID protocols), while others aim simply to impress and connect, putting their brand’s best foot forward and communicating its most important values.

For example, we recently completed this office sign for Hunter Brooks Capital, a wealth management firm located in White Marsh, MD, which took the latter approach:

How to Create Office Sign Systems: 3 Ways to Build Branded Space

While this sign does not explicitly direct customers to a particular point of contact (although it does draw the eye towards the reception desk!), it serves an important wayfinding function, identifying the business and leaving no doubt as to whether the guest had arrived at the right place. What’s more, the choice of colors—rich gold and sterling silver on a clean, modern black background—conveys the firm’s clean, upscale image and focus on wealth management, helping them connect with wealth-minded clientele from the jump.

2.  Put Your Visitors’ Minds At Ease With COVID-19 Office Signs

By now, your guest is inside your place of business, they know they’re in the right place, and they may have even spoken to a receptionist. So far so good. But unless you have professional signage acknowledging the new normal and outlining COVID-19 safety protocols, your visitor could quickly start to experience “customer stress and uncertainty,” which was the case for readers of informal COVID-19 safety signs in one study by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding.[1]

In short, professional COVID-19 office signs create a sense of ease and certainty, communicating to the guest that “Everything is under control,” and this is “business as usual” during the new normal. In contrast, informal signage, like those hastily spat out of office printers, suggests panic, rush, and lack of preparedness, none of which we want associated with our branded space.

[1] McNeish, J. (2020). Retail signage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 4(2).

Fortunately, creating professional COVID-19 office signs has never been easier. We carry everything you need to comply with Maryland’s COVID-19 safety protocols, including:

  • Visitor alert signs
  • Handshake-free zone signs
  • Social distancing signs and floor graphics
  • Employee handwashing signs, and more

3.  Inspire Your Staff And Customers With Custom Office Signs

Now your prospective customer is inside, impressed by your brand image, and feeling comfortable with the COVID-19 protocols. It’s time to get them into the conference room and talk business—but why not inspire them a little on the way?

Whether you want to unlock the productivity-boosting power of biophilic design, using natural landscapes and vistas to help summon the muse…

...or you want to present a snapshot of your company’s core values to keep your brainstorm focused on what matters most......or you want to present a snapshot of your company’s core values to keep your brainstorm focused on what matters most...

…or you want to present a snapshot of your company’s core values to keep your brainstorm focused on what matters most…

How to Create Office Sign Systems: 3 Ways to Build Branded Space

…we have the office sign selection and in-house design capabilities to bring any vision to life!

What’s more, our team is well-versed in all relevant sign codes, including Baltimore’s design ordinances and the ADA’s accessibility standards, so you never have to worry about non-compliance fees or excluding guests who live with visual impairments.

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