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Channel Letter Showcase: Real Results From A Signage Design Company In Baltimore, MD

Feb 26,2021

When evaluating channel letter sign companies, we recommend a results-oriented approach. Accordingly, to help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a quick showcase of recent channel letter sign work completed in Baltimore, MD.

Read on for an idea of what’s possible at Baltimore Signs and Graphics, or call 410-877-6011 to speak directly with a channel letter specialist.

Create Real Brand Authority With Custom Channel Letters And Graphics

Did you know that more than a third (34%) of American consumers make quality assumptions about businesses based on signage?

If you want to make better first impressions, consider combining custom channel letters with any custom graphics or logos to elevate your brand image to new heights. Whether you’re trying to recreate or update existing brand materials, or create something altogether new from scratch, our in-house graphics team is up to the task, and we guarantee great results.

But don’t take our word for it—check out this recent project for Juvix the Tech Guy:

Channel Letter Showcase: Real Results from a Signage Design Company in Baltimore, MDThe cartoony desktop tower logo not only works seamlessly with the whimsical custom lettering, reinforcing the color palette and cranking up the background-to-foreground contrast, but it also conveys the company’s offerings at-a-glance, leaving no question as to the tech service that’s for sale.

Save Thousands On Channel Letter Replacements With Professional Repair Services

Would you buy a new car just because your brake pads wore away? No! You’d find a trusted professional, then eat the cost of repair to offset the much greater cost of replacement. The same is true of your channel letter signs. Unfortunately, finding quality channel letter repairs can feel a lot like trying to find an honest mechanic, and nobody wants to gamble with their business’s most valuable advertising asset.

But if you live in Baltimore, Maryland, qualified channel letter repair is closer than you think. Again, no need to take us at our word—just last December, we repaired Hair Cuttery’s LED channel letter sign:

Channel Letter Showcase: Real Results from a Signage Design Company in Baltimore, MDWe work with all types of channel letter signs, and channel letter repair quotes are 100% free. Give us a call at 410-877-6011 to learn more.

Get Affordable Channel Letter Results With No Quality Compromises

Just last month, the owners of Angel Las Delicias Restaurant in Laurel, MD chose us to take charge of their storefront facelift with this simple-yet-striking channel letter sign:

Channel Letter Showcase: Real Results from a Signage Design Company in Baltimore, MDAs with all our custom channel letter sign projects, this finished product uses a high-contrast design, in this case using yellow-on-blue, to increase visibility by day or by night. This project is also completely in compliance with Maryland’s Code of Ordinances, and letter sizing was optimized for drive-by legibility according to standards published by the Sign Research Foundation.

To take their budget a little further, the owners of Angel Las Delicias opted for a raceway installation with this project. With this option, the custom letters are installed right against a narrow box—the “raceway”—which also holds the wiring for the channel letters. The raceway is then painted the same color as the background substrate to help it blend in. By choosing the raceway installation option, the client greatly offset the cost of installation, and also reduced the amount of drilling required for electrification. The end result is considerable savings, without any compromise in channel letter quality.

Free Quote On Custom Channel Letter Signs In Baltimore, MD

Call 410-877-6011 or visit the Baltimore Signs and Graphics website to book a free consultation and get a quote on any custom channel letter sign.

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