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5 Tips For Effective Construction Sign Design

Mar 23,2020

5 Tips For Effective Construction Sign Design

Today’s post shares 5 tips for better construction sign design. Read on to learn how Baltimore construction businesses are keeping workers and members of the public safer with branded signage.

Construction Sign Design Is About Function Over Form

Construction signs play a very important role in Baltimore development. Construction workers rely on them to give notice when special protective equipment is needed; contractors and site managers depend on construction signs to keep their sites safe and liability-free; and members of the general public look for construction signs to stay en route, informed, and out of danger (or out of unauthorized areas).

Notice that none of these primary functions centered on wowing the viewer with some impression image, fancy font, or avant-garde art piece. That’s because construction signs are all about function over form. And while that doesn’t mean you always need to stick with the cookie-cutter templates, function always comes first. Accordingly, the top priorities of all construction sign design should be legibility and visibility. If your custom design detracts from either, even the tiniest bit, it’s a big problem.

Construction Signs Work Best With Bright Colors

Building on the previous point about the importance of legibility and visibility, it’s usually a good idea to choose brightly colored construction signs to maximize visibility. Brighter colors tend to get spotted easier, especially at night, where construction site hazards are particularly dangerous. Baltimore Signs and Graphics offers complete construction sign design customization, so you can choose any color you want, and potentially even discover some bright and highly visible options that suit your brand’s palette.

Contrast Is King With Construction Sign Design In Baltimore, MD

Unfortunately, picking bright colors doesn’t guarantee that your construction signs get read. For instance, lime green lettering on a fire-red background might get your sign spotted, but the color contrast is so bad that your message is basically illegible.

Baltimore Signs and Graphics recommends the following classic contrast combos to start with:

  • Black text on yellow
  • White text on black
  • Black text on white
  • White text on red or blue
  • Black text on silver/metallic colors

But don’t worry–these combinations are just the tip of the iceberg. Your dedicated project manager will explain all the options available to you during your free construction sign design consultation.

The Best Construction Signs In Baltimore Combine Text And Images

The most effective construction signs combine basic images with short-and-simple sign copy to get their point across at a glance. As a general rule, dense blocks of text get read less often than their leaner counterparts, and “image-only” construction signs leave too much open for interpretation. For best results, take a cue from the wayfinding world and combine the two.

Take Advantage Of Construction Sign Branding Where Possible

Function beats form, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw “form” out altogether. By designing your construction sign with your brand colors, fonts, or imagery, you can show visitors and workers that your brand is keeping them safe. Speak with our design experts for some ideas on how to incorporate branding without detracting from the primary sign function.

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